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The Stem Cap That's Designed with Your Safety in Mind

At Ride-On, we're well known for our orange goo that can be effectively utilized for flat tire repair. However, we're much more than a tire repair company. Increasingly, commercial fleets and auto owners are taking advantage of our stem cap technology, a reliable tire pressure monitoring system that is designed to promptly alert the driver when tire pressure begins to dip to dangerously low levels.

Considering that the Ride-On stem cap is the result of many complex laboratory tests, it is actually a very simple product to use. The stem cap can be quickly installed by screwing it right onto the tire valve system. The stem cap then flashes a red light when your tire pressure falls below a certain point – that being 4 psi for automobiles, motorcycles, vans, light trucks and ATVs, and 4 to 8 psi for other commercial and heavy duty vehicles.

The TPMS sensor has a 3-year battery life, so it will very rarely require replacing, but when it does, a yellow light will flash, conveniently indicating that it's time to change batteries. Our stem cap is yet other innovation from Virginia-based company Inovex Industries, Inc.

At Inovex, our high dedication to quality is apparent through our stringent laboratory testing, as well as our in-house staff of experienced engineers and thousands of satisfied customers. In fact, every Ride-On product we sell is coded and tested prior to shipment, so you'll know you're getting top-of-the-line Ride-On quality. Whether you're looking to protect your truck fleet, motorcycle, ATV, manufacturing vehicle or a simple automobile, you can't afford to trust any company but Ride-On.