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The Tire Sealant Vehicle Fleets Rely On

There are many important industries across the country that rely on vehicles that always need to be up and running. Yet, too often a flat tire can sideline one of these important utility vehicles, causing the entire operation to come grinding to a halt. Luckily, there is Ride-On Tire Protection system to keep vehicles on the road, even in the event of a puncture. By applying Ride-On’s signature orange tire sealant to the inside your vehicle’s tires (tyres), you get tires that are hydrodynamically balanced, able to immediately seal punctures, and are proven to last up to 25% longer. With these benefits, it’s no wonder that Ride-On tyre sealant is used by hundreds of commercial and municipal fleets across America.

Municipalities that have to manage fleets of police cars, garbage trucks, ambulances, and a variety of other important vehicles love Ride-On because it saves them time and money by no longer having to deal with vehicle downtime. It is also used in a variety of major truck fleets that ship many of this nation’s important goods across the country. A variety a fleet managers testify to the fact that Ride-On tire sealant reduces the number of flat tires their fleet experiences each year by about 85%. This saves time, and a huge amount of money previously dedicated to buying new tires.

Ride-On is also extremely popular for personal and recreational vehicles, especially motorcycles. Ride-On tire sealant’s ability to perform instant motorcycle puncture repair prevents blowouts, which could otherwise turn into a deadly crash. Put simply, whatever type of vehicle you drive, Ride-On is the obvious choice to get the most out of your tires.