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Tire Balancer from Ride-On is an Essential Product for any Vehicle

Tire Balancer from Ride-On is an Essential Product for any Vehicle

At Ride-On, we are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art tire sealant products for vehicles ranging from automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, four-wheelers and industrial vehicles. Our sealant and requires only a single application for the entire life of the tire, preventing flats from nails, glass or other debris in your path.

One of the most impressive features of our product is its effective use as a tire balancer. When tires are rotated or replaced, balance is a constant concern – vibrations can be deleterious over time, and misalignment can accelerate the deterioration of certain parts of the vehicle. With Ride-On, however, your tires will be hydrodynamically balanced while the wheels are in motion. Specifically, our gel's fluid dynamics make an ideal agent for balancing, ensuring it will be re-sealed even if the shaped of the tire changes.

Tire pressure is another aspect of auto maintenance that should never be ignored. Fortunately, with a tire pressure sensor from Ride-On, you can remain fully aware of your tire's pressure. Coming in the form of an easily installable valve cap, the sensor indicates a loss of 4 PSI or more with a red blinking light, or a yellow blinking light when batteries need to be replaced.

With the exceptional vehicle-maintenance products from Ride-On, you can always be sure that your passengers are protected and your vehicle is running at maximum efficiency. Contact us for more information regarding our sealant, and ask how to qualify for our popular FREE Motorcycle Tire Road Hazard and Motorcycle Roadside Assistance Program.