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Tire Balancer

Ride-On’s properties as a fully functioning, dynamic tire balancer can prevent many of the headaches associated with misaligned or unbalanced tires. Ride-On’s function as a tire balancer is in addition to its better known function: treating tires in order to bypass the need for flat tire repair.

When your tires are rotated or replaced, making sure they’re balanced should be a concern. Vibrations and unwanted movement may seem harmless, but they can be deleterious with regard to performance and mileage, and over time, misalignment can speed up the deterioration of certain parts of your vehicle. In addition to vibrations, uneven wear can seriously shorten the lifetime of your tires.

Ride-On, however, hydrodynamically balances your tires. The familiar machine known as a static or “bubble” tire balancer accomplishes balancing through weights and considerable guesswork while the tire is stationary. Ride-On is a form of dynamic balancer, meaning balancing is accomplished while the wheel is in motion. Specifically, Ride-On gel’s fluid dynamics make it an ideal agent for balancing, since it will be re-seated even if the shape of the tire changes (due to natural wear, for instance).

To date, multiple fleets have made a complete shift from traditional balancing to ride-on as a tire balancer. Long haul customers have reported a jaw-dropping 25% increase in the life of their tires after they started using Ride-On. Long haul fleets are just a small percentage of customers who take advantage of Ride-On’s tire balancing ability. It’s a car and motorcycle tire balancer as well.

Ride-On’s product line now also includes tire protection systems like the Ride-On LED Smart Cap. To find out more about the Smart Cap, and to learn about the inclusion of tire roadside assistance with certain quantities, don’t hesitate to contact Ride-On today.