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Tire Ballast Formula

When You Can't Compromise - Extra Weight and Sealant!

Tire Ballast FormulaRide-On™ Tire Ballast & Sealant Formula (TB&S) is a specially formulated tire ballast and sealant concentrate for use in the tires and rims of agricultural, industrial, mining, and construction equipment. Ride-On TB&S is a great alternative to traditional ballast liquids that are environmentally hazardous, corrosive and harmful to tires and wheels. Additionally, Ride-On TB&S is a tire sealant that prevents flats and seals punctures from objects up to 1/4” in diameter. TB&S reduces underinflation due to air loss from porosity leaks and from o-rings, vent holes, and bead seats.


  • Reduces rim replacement and reconditioning costs - Ride-On TB&S contains corrosionTire Sealant Formula
    inhibitors that help reduce rim scale and corrosion buildup. Ride-On TB&S lowers operating and
    maintenance costs by reducing the need for rim and bead cleanup and reconditioning.
  • Water dispersible - Washes out with plain water leaving no residue. Ride-On TB&S will
    not interfere with the application of boots, section or tire plug and patch repairs.
  • Safe to use - Non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-toxic, biodegradable. Contains no Glycols.
  • Lowers labor costs - Ride-On TB&S helps with mounting and de-mounting of off-road, industrial,
    and agricultural tires. High heat can cause a tire to weld itself to a rim, resulting in hours of labor
    spent trying to break free the tire bead and ultimately resulting in damage to the tire and rim.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions - TB&S is a concentrated ballast and sealant
    solution designed to be diluted 3 to 1. Undiluted, the TB&S freeze point is 32F. Freeze
    points as low as -40F can be achieved when diluted with the proper ratio of glycol and
  • Available in convenient 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, and 275 gallon totes.Tire Ballast
Reducing the Carbon Footprint by Ride On