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Tire Pressure Light

When the air pressure in your vehicle’s tires becomes significantly depleted, you need to know right away. A tire pressure monitoring system, complete with a tire pressure light as part of the Ride-On Tire Protection System’s LED Smart Cap, can literally be a lifesaver.

Ride-On, manufacturer of a line of leading edge tire sealants and balancers, understands fully how correct tire pressure is essential to the safe and efficient operation of your vehicle. Insufficient tire pressure can significantly reduce mileage and also increase auto emissions, harming the environment. Even more important to you personally, however, underinflated tires do not perform as well in dangerous situations and could make the difference between a near-miss and an extremely dangerous and costly accident. Especially for drivers who regularly travel long distances, the importance of an outstanding TPMS with a reliable tire pressure light cannot really be exaggerated.

The good news is that Ride-On’s LED Smart Cap tire pressure monitor is there to alert you whenever your tires’ pressure drop by 4 PSI or more. Whether you drive a car, truck, trailer rig, or motorcycle, the lighted display will alert you the presence of a potentially expensive or serious problem, allowing you to take the necessary corrective action, whether it’s having the tire in question repaired or replaced or simply adding additional air. The important thing is that the LED Smart Cap’s tire pressure light has ensured that you didn’t overlook the problem.

Contact Ride-On for more information about our tire pressure monitor and the entire line of Ride-On Tire Protection System, a gel-like product featuring protective fibers that are six times stronger than steel.