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Tire Pressure Monitor

Tire pressure is critical to the safe and efficient performance of your vehicle. That’s why a tire pressure monitor from Ride-On can very literally be a life-saver. Designed to be used in conjunction with the Ride-On Tire Protection System, the Ride-On’s LED Smart Cap alerts drivers of cars, trucks, and motorcycles when their tire pressure drops by 4 PSI or more with just a glance. Essentially, the tire pressure monitor works by activating a flashing red light; it is also capable of telling whether the decrease in pressure was caused by a sudden puncture or more gradual causes relating to temperature, road conditions, or ordinary wear and tear.

This simple yet highly effective tire pressure monitoring system is part of an overall tire protection system from Ride-On, a line of gel-like tire sealants and balancers that protect the inside of tires, preventing sudden leaks, excessive porosity, and numerous other issues with fibers several times stronger than seal. The benefits in terms of safety, efficiency, and peace of mind are enormous whether you are a professional trucker, a motorist who logs significant mileage for his business, or an ordinary motorist.

Certainly, this simple yet effective TPMS system is an ideal roadside companion for any motorist making many long or short trips. Loss of adequate tire pressure is the culprit in countless accidents and reduces the fuel efficiency of vehicles – no small matter in today’s world of high gasoline prices. Stay on the safe side and purchase a Ride-On Tire Protection System with the LED Smart Cap tire pressure sensor which also includes a free roadside assistance program with each purchase.

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