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Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Ride-On’s tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is an LED Smart Cap that comes in variations for cars, motorcycles, trucks, ATVS, vans, SUVS, commercial vehicles, tractors, trailers, box trucks and more. The Smart Cap is easy to install and calibrates automatically to the internal pressure of the tire. In the event that the tire loses 4 PSI or more, the Ride-On tire pressure monitoring system will alert you with a blinking red light. When the battery starts to run low, the Smart Cap will alert you as well, this time with a blinking yellow light.

If you purchase this Ride-On tire pressure sensor, you may also qualify for FREE roadside assistance from a company you can always count on. Purchase a 2-pack motorcycle blister pack or a 4-pack automobile blister pack, and receive FREE Ride-On LED Smart Cap Roadside Assistance (for public roads). Contact the professional team at Ride-On for additional information about this great deal.

Customers often purchase the LED Smart Cap in combination with Ride-On Tire Protection System (TPS), an amazingly effective tire sealant and tire balancer in one. This gel-like substance comes in many formulas for cars, motorcycles, vans, SUVS, ATVS, and even commercial, heavy-duty trucks. Ride-On TPS coats the inner lining of the tires, and is comprised of fibers six times stronger than steel. If your tire should be punctured while the vehicle is in the motion, the centrifugal force created by the spinning wheels and the tire’s internal pressure instantly forces the flat tire repair product into the hole, sealing it immediately.

If you are interested in the Ride-On motorcycle tire sealant, you may also qualify for a FREE Motorcycle Tire Road Hazard and Motorcycle Roadside Assistance Program. Ask us about our 24-hour emergency road service, battery service, emergency towing, and more.