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Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

We put a lot of effort into maintaining the well-being of our vehicles and we know that improperly inflated tires can cause a bevy of greater issues. These problems can include poor tread life, less fuel economy, the wearing down of tire casings, a sudden blow out, and much more. This is why many mechanics and car experts recommend reliable tire pressure monitoring systems to maintain proper inflation. Ride-On offers many products in its tire protection system line, including a fantastic tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) in its Ride-On LED Smart Cap.

The Ride-On LED Smart Cap truly has an advantage over other tire pressure monitoring systems. Ride-On's TPMS sensor automatically calibrates to the pressure that your tire was set at (10-70 psi for retail versions, and 30-170 psi for Commercial Grade) when you add the Smart Caps. It will do this every time it's installed; other systems offer either a single self-calibration or none (they're simply pre-calibrated). Ride-On's Smart Caps also come with a cost-saving theft-prevention device that attaches easily to your keychain.

As far as the capabilities of Ride-On's TPMS, they far surpass other brands' systems. Ride-On's Smart Caps blink red when tire pressure drops 4 psi (4 psi and 8 psi trigger point versions available for Commercial Grade) and automatically compensates for temperature changes. It will then blink a red light for 800 hours to alert you to refill your tires, with a back-up yellow light that blinks for over 150 hours when its battery is low. It's this dedication to functionality that truly sets Ride-On's LED Smart Caps far above and beyond any other tire pressure monitoring systems on the market.

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