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Tire Pressure Sensor

Ride-On’s LED Smart Cap is a leading tire pressure sensor that automatically calibrates to the tire’s internal pressure. This highly effective and reliable tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is even capable of telling the difference between changes in pressures caused by a puncture, and the fluctuations in pressure caused by the natural rise and fall of the tire’s  temperature due to climate change or as a result of heat generated when a tire is in motion. The tire pressure sensor comes in the form of an easily installable valve cap, which indicates loss of 4 PSI or more with a red blinking light. The LED Smart Cap has a battery life of up to 3 years, and when your battery power dips low, the tire pressure sensor will emit a yellow blinking light for up to 100 hours to let you know the batteries need to be replaced.

If you are interested in the Ride-On LED Smart Cap, be sure to also inquire about our FREE Ride-On LED Smart Cap Roadside Assistance (for public roads only). You can qualify for these additional services when you purchase a 2-pack motorcycle blister pack or 4-pack automobile blister pack.

The Ride-On LED Smart Cap tire pressure sensor works especially well in conjunction with Ride-On Tire Protection System (TPS), an extremely effective tire sealant and tire balancer. Ride-On TPS is a gel-like formula (there are different formulations for motorcycles, cars, vans, SUVS, trucks, ATVs, and more) that coats the inner lining of the tire and uses the centrifugal force of the spinning wheels to instantly flow into any breach. The fibers that make up this flat tire repair formula are six times stronger than steel, making it the most dependable product of its kind on the market today.

Contact us to ask about our tire pressure sensor and tire sealant, and ask how to qualify for our popular FREE Motorcycle Tire Road Hazard and Motorcycle Roadside Assistance Program.