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Tire Road Hazard Warranty

If a tire has worn out evenly across the tread before its estimated mileage limit, it may qualify for replacement under tire warranty. Of course, when a tire becomes damaged outside of a tire road hazard warranty, it can become a complicated burden, especially if the remaining tires on a vehicle are still in good condition. Rather than spending several hundred dollars on a new set of tires, Ride-On has a number of products that will protect and even salvage a punctured tire, making tire road hazard warranty all but unnecessary.

Ride-On Tire Protection System is a tire sealant consisting of a compound that helps prevent air loss from a sealed tire, while also maintaining air pressure. The fibers in the Ride-One tire sealant system are six times stronger than steel, leading to a 25% increase in life expectancy of your tires. Testing the Ride-On Tire Protection system, researchers attempt to puncture the tire using controlled punctures, nails and even bullets. This ensures that a tire protected by Ride-On continues to function for the life of the tire, regardless of what winds up in its path, effectively serving as pre-emptive puncture repair for your vehicle.

Even if you are enrolled in a tire road hazard warranty program, our products offer extra protection for your vehicle, without invalidating your warranty. Ride-On products provides extra support and safety for your vehicle and any passengers within it. Feel free to check out our products online at www.ride-on.com, and take the stress out of driving!