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Tire Sealant from Ride-On Significantly Extends the Life of a Tire

Since our founding in 1995, Ride-On has dedicated itself to providing the highest levels of quality in our products. This is evidenced by our stringent laboratory testing, in-house staff of experienced engineers, and thousands of satisfied customers who trust their tires to Ride-On. Our tire sealant comes in nine sealant formulations for use in high-speed, on-road, slow-moving and even off-road applications. Today, Ride-On stands as an essential aspect of any safety-tested vehicle.

Not only is the commercial tire sealant (CHS) at Ride-On extremely useful in avoiding flat tires, balancing wheel assemblies and even avoiding potential accidents, but it is also a sound investment for any fleet. Ride-On will save your fleet money through tire life extension, flat prevention, improved MPG's, and avoidable downtime. Ride-On is also no-hazardous and fully biodegradable, so you are also going "green" – something most any responsible fleet is looking to do these days.

Working with the centrifugal force and internal pressure of a spinning tire, our sealant is able to immediately seal punctures in the crown of the tire and thus prevent air from escaping. It is a proactive flat tire repair. Further still, the puncture repair we offer does not result in reduction of the life of the tire or damage to the wheel components in any way. Composed of fibers that are 6 times stronger than steel, once Ride-On seals a puncture, it remains sealed for the entire life of the tire. To ensure the safety of your passengers and the life of your tires, trust the team at Ride-On, and look forward to truly exceptional service and top-quality products.