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Tire Sealants

Ride-On's tire sealants act preemptively to negate punctures, leaks, and holes, effectively lengthening the lifespan of a vehicle's tires. Ride-On's tire sealant is a gel that is installed through a tire’s valve stem and can be used in any tire: new or retread, tube or tubeless. Just simply match up the proper dosage with your size and type of tire, and you'll virtually eliminate the need for flat tire repair. Our tire sealants are fully compatible with our world famous Ride-On LED Smart Cap Tire Pressure Monitoring System, as well.

Furthermore, Ride-On tire sealant doubles as a tire balancer. Improper balance and misalignment can lead to prematurely deteriorating tires, a true thorn in the side for any concerned driver. Ride-On's tire sealant works dynamically, which also means it adjusts automatically to any changes in the tire's shape from wear or other form of attrition. It's not just our automobile tire sealant that works this way; Ride-On's products work just as well as an ATV, tractor-trailer (commercial vehicle), and motorcycle tire balancer. It fully eliminates the need for complicated balancing tire weights.

Tire sealants from Ride-On can be bought for a wide range of vehicles, including trucks, motorcycles and scooters, waste haulers, industrial machines, ATVs and UTVs, construction vehicles, farm equipment, SUVs, and most major automobiles on the market. The Postal Service, the military, fire departments around the country, commercial transportation companies, and many more all rely on Ride-On; some reports are saying that the product extends tire life by an astounding 25% or more.

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