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Tire Valve Cap

Increasingly, drivers and motorcycle riders are turning to tire valve cap technology as a solution to unpredictable tire pressure. Ride-On is the leading manufacturer of tire sealants that prevent puncture and keep you on the road. We’ve brought the world class engineering of our tire sealant gel to the tire valve cap world, and the result is the most versatile solution in the world for tire pressure monitoring on the go: The Ride-On LED Smart Cap.

The LED Smart Cap TPMS (aka: tire pressure monitoring system) couldn’t be easier to install; simply screw it onto your valve stem as you would any stem cap. Unfortunately you may have to put your dice, or skull shaped tire valve cap set on the shelf.

Using the Smart Cap tire pressure sensor is easy too. A blinking red light means your tire is low. Blinking yellow means your battery is low. No blinking means everything is ok. The LED will blink for a month straight if it needs to, but we know you’ll take care of the problem before it comes to that.

The LED Smart Cap is versatile too. It compensates for pressure increases due to changes in the temperature, so it won’t start blinking just because it’s July, or because your tires heat up at high speeds. It comes two configurations: a light vehicle version for any pressure between 10 and 70 psi, meaning everything from small motorcycles to SUVs, and a heavy duty commercial version for tires between 30 and 170 psi, mostly commercial grade trucks and industrial machines. To make things even simpler, it calibrates itself fully, normalizing at the pressure of your tire when your tire valve cap was screwed in place.

In combination with Ride-On’s flagship tire sealant gel, you’ll be practically unstoppable. Just to make sure you won’t have any tire-related worries, marked packaged of the Ride-On LED Smart Cap come with membership to the Smart Cap Roadside Assistance plan for free.

For more information about our FREE roadside assistance plan, or about how to prevent flats instead of repairing them, contact Ride-On today.

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