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Tire Warranty

Tire warranty services can be a great source of revenue for auto service companies, but they can also be a great asset for car owners, especially when utilized alongside protective products from ride-on.

A tire road hazard warranty usually covers tires for potentially damaging issues like running over debris, sharp objects, or bouncing into a pot hole. However, every tire warranty has certain restrictions and areas that aren’t covered. For instance, your warranty might be voided by improper maintenance, and some warranties are only valid in local areas. Furthermore, if the tire manufacturer does not see proof that tires were inflated, rotated and aligned properly, your warranty claim may be denied.

Fortunately, products like our Ride-One Tire Protection System provide protection long after your tire warranty runs out. This tire sealant is the only proven tire balancer at high speeds. By retaining air pressure, it increases fuel efficiency, ensuring tires last 25% longer.

TPMS (Tire pressure monitoring system) is an electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure inside pneumatic tires on various types of vehicles. Our Tire Protection System is designed to stay on the inner surface of tires, keeping the product from coming into contact regularly with TPMS sensors. Thus, in almost any situation, you should be able to use our TPS while remaining confident that your safety systems are still fully in place.

Whether you elect to use a tire warranty service or not, our line of tire protective products ensure that you’ll be able to rest easy and drive comfortably, knowing that you’re car and passengers are secure.