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Ride-on Inovex

To: All Dealers, Distributors, and Customers
From: Mark Farkhan, President
Subject: Ride-On TPS Tire Sealants in Motorcycle Tires with TPMS Sensors

Ride-On TPS Motorcycle Tire Balancer and Sealant has proven TPMS friendly since the inception of its use in motorcycles. Ride-On TPS is designed to stay on the inner surface of tires keeping the product from coming into contact regularly with the TPMS sensors. Furthermore, TPMS sensors are normally sealed with an epoxy coating. Even if you submersed the TPMS sensor in Ride-On (or any other liquid or containment commonly found in tires), this coating would prevent the Ride-On from harming the sensor electronics or batteries.

It has recently come to our attention that the TPMS sensors on late model Honda Goldwings (2009, 2010, 2012) are not sealed with an epoxy coating. Just using your hands, you can snap open these sensors. This leaves the sensor’s innards (battery and electronics) particularly vulnerable to any moisture/vapor or liquid. Therefore, we recommend that all of our dealers and customers refrain from installing Ride-On in late model Honda Goldwings (2009, 2010, and 2012) until further testing proves our product’s compatibility.

Unless you own a late model Honda Goldwing, you should have no problems using Ride-On in conjunction with your TPMS equipped vehicle(s). However, should a TPMS sensor fail, as they do from time to time, we recommend that you take your motorcycle to a Ride-On dealer for servicing. Ride-On washes out easily and leaves no residues. When requesting a warranty claim on your sensors, there is no need to volunteer that there was ever any substance in your tires.

TPMS manufactures have broad policies in regard to the injection of foreign substances inside tires containing their sensors. Simply put – these substances automatically void the sensor warranty. They are not concerned with testing individual products (sealants, balancers, liquids, powders, beads, etc.) to see whether or not these substances actually cause TPMS sensor failures. These policies are created to minimize warranty replacement costs. Let the TPMS sensor warranty administrator examine the failed sensor to determine the actual cause. YOU DO NOT WANT TO GIVE THE WARRANTY ADMINISTRATOR A REASON TO AUTOMATICALLY VOID YOUR WARRANTY! Particularly when there are many reasons why TPMS sensors fail.

According to TPMS Sensor Manufacturers, common causes of TPMS Sensor failures are:

  1. Overheating – often caused by continuing to ride on a tire that is low on air or flat.
  2. Installing the incorrect valve core – TPMS sensors require a special nickel-plated valve core instead of the regular copper or brass valve core.
  3. Sensor Battery Issues – The batteries in TPMS sensors can become discharged over time or leak acid and cause a short.
  4. Typical Road hazards – collisions, potholes, strong impacts, curbs, etc. can cause sensor damage – Sensors contain delicate electronics that are subject to failure.
  5. Improper mounting or dismounting of a tire can lead to damage of a TPMS sensor.
  6. Over-tightening a new sensor valve
  7. Corrosion – Sensors can be damaged by corrosion from road salts, moisture, missing valve caps, or galvanic corrosion from the use of dissimilar metals.

In conclusion, we would like to point out that literally thousands of motorcycles have installed Ride-On TPS with TPMS sensors without any issues. If in the future any more such instances arise with other motorcycles makes and models that may have compatibility issues with Ride-On, we will add that additional information to our website. Please make sure to visit www.rideon.com/tpms for more details.

As always, ride safe and Ride-On.

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PDF Format: Motorcycle TPMS Technical Service Bulletin