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TPMS Sensor

Ride-On’s TPMS sensor, with models for Cars, Motorcycles, and Commercial Fleets, has earned heaps of praise as the market’s leading tire pressure monitoring system, so it’s no surprise that this cutting-edge tire pressure sensor has now become a popular choice for fire fighting companies and other emergency services all over the nation. No one requires a reliable tpms device more than the men and women charged with responding at lightning speed to a fire or other emergency situation, and word-of-mouth has quickly spread about the effectiveness of Ride-On’s TPMS sensor.

Known as an LED Smart Cap, Ride-On’s TPMS sensor comes in two types: the Light Vehicle model is perfect for everything from motorcycles and scooters to automobiles, light trucks, vans, trailers, and ATVs, while the Heavy Duty professional model is designed for fleets and other commercial vehicles. The Light Vehicle TPMS Sensor will alert with a red flashing light when the tire’s pressure drops below 4 psi, and the Heavy Duty TPMS sensor will provide the same warning when the tire’s pressure drops below either 4 or 8 psi. The Light Vehicle model of the TPMS sensor self-calibrates for pressures from 10 psi to 70 psi. The Heavy Duty professional version works for tires with pressures ranging from 30 psi to 170 psi. That means that the same cap can be used in a wide range of vehicles. No need to stock multiple SKU numbers.

The accuracy and dependability of these sensors makes them well suited for fire engines. They are also extremely easy to install, self-calibrate to the pressure of the tire, and compensate for normal changes in temperature, so there won’t be false alarms. Throw in an integrated anti-theft device and a long lasting 3-year battery life (the sensor also blinks yellow to alert you of low batteries), and it’s no wonder this is the premier choice of firefighters.

Ride-On is known not only for its TPMS sensors, but also it’s self-sealing tire gel sealant and balancer, which can instantaneously repair a tire puncture while the vehicle is still in motion. For more information about the LED Smart Caps or Ride-On’s tire sealant and tire balancer, contact Ride-On today. When it comes to fire fighting and other emergency services, should you settle for anything less than the very best?

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