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Two dead in crash on the shoulder of I-10

8/10/2007 - Arizona
Two dead in crash on the shoulder of I-10

By Scott McGee / 3TV

It was a deadly night on Interstate 10. Two people were killed and one narrowly escaped with his life and it all started with a simple flat tire.

The driver pulled over to the shoulder waiting for help. The help came, but unfortunately under the best circumstances a freeway is a dangerous place.

The Department of Public Safety is still investigating, but as it stands one out of control car hit two parked vehicles at freeway speeds.

Tragically it all started with just a flat tire and a woman who pulled over to the shoulder then had a family member and a tow truck show up for help.

The woman and her family member were working on the tire when the out of control Mercury happened to hit the very spot they were standing, killing them and just missing the truck driver.

Linda Gorman with AAA said there are ways to prevent a tragedy like this.

“If you find yourself in that situation exit the freeway if you can make it,” she said.

In this case the car was pulled over just past the 83rd Avenue exit and may not have made it to the next one. If that happens she said it's best to leave repairs to the professionals.

The collision snarled the Friday commute for hours, but Friday night traffic was moving again while investigators still tried to figure out why this car lost control in the first place.

The driver of the car that lost control was also injured and taken to an area hospital for treatment. There is no word on his condition.

DPS has not released the identities of the two victims pending notification of next of kin.

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