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Tyre Puncture Repair

As landfills overflow with old tyres, and carbon emissions seem to be a growing problem, tyre protection measures are perhaps an unexpected way to reduce your environmental footprint. But Ride-On, the leading maker of tyre puncture repair products, has a two-part approach to environmental sustainability. We offer a reduction in tyre waste, and improvement of your gas mileage.

Ride-On, the premier gel-based Tyre Protection System (TPS) coats the inside of your tyre with fibers six times stronger than steel. The gel is pulled by centrifugal force to any puncture that may occur up to ¼” in size, sealing it before any major loss of pressure and preventing a flat in 85-95% of cases.

In addition to the tyre sealant, the added measure of the LED Smart Cap offers extra assurance that you’ll be able to stay on the road. The LED Smart cap blinks red if there’s been a significant loss of tyre pressure, or yellow to indicate that its battery is low. It’s so sophisticated, it even knows the difference between dangerous pressure changes, and pressure changes cause by the natural heating up and cooling of your tyre. It also boasts easy installation, an anti-theft device, and impressive battery life.

Tyres protected by Ride-On last 25% longer, meaning fewer tyres thrown in the trash. It saves you money, and helps save the environment. Additionally, Ride-On’s gel provides added balance to your tyre in addition to tyre puncture repair. And with the LED Smart Cap letting you know about any loss in pressure, your tyres’ firmness can never be in question. Balanced, full tyres improve your vehicle’s mileage, reducing your carbon emissions.

We’ve been a leader in tyre puncture repair for over 15 years. If you have any questions about what we do, feel free to contact us directly.