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Tyre Sealant

Ride-On is the world’s most sophisticated tyre sealant system. Far from that familiar flat fixer you’re already familiar with from your childhood bicycle days, Ride-On’s unique formula is specially designed for modern vehicles from cars to ride or drive until the tyres wear out naturally, every time. With Ride-On you may never need flat tire repair again, whether you’re using Ride-On on a motor scooter, motorcycle, car or SUV, truck, lorry or even an industrial machine. Our motorcycle tire balancer is among our most popular items in Europe.

Once applied, the tyre sealant gel inside your tyre (tubed or tubeless) will evenly coat the inner wall, turning your tyre into a self-sealing tyre. As an extra effect, Ride-On stops troublesome vibrations by working as a hydrodynamic tire balancer, superseding the requirement to balance with lead weights. Small in-and-out punctures that might mysteriously flatten your tire will become practically nonexistent. Consequently, you won’t notice Ride-On is there unless you find an object stuck in the wall of your tyre, and then you can see Ride-On in action.

Once a nail or screw is removed, Ride-On tyre sealant will immediately hold in the air. To prevent further leakage, you’ll need to ensure that your tyre is warmed up by very carefully driving on it for 3-5 miles. Ride-On seals a hole more completely when it gets warmed up. Note that due to the way a tyre is curved, the effect of Ride-On is strongest in the section that touches the road. Damage to the sidewall, while far less likely, might still require maintenance.

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