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Wide Base Tires

Many drivers of heavy-load bearing vehicles and trucks are switching from dual tires to wide base tires for a variety of reasons. Wide base tires require less maintenance, facilitate more even tread wear, improve fuel economy, and lower the vehicles weight. While wide base tires are more economical, their large surface area makes them more exposed to roadside debris, making them more prone to blowouts. Ride-On tire sealant for wide base tires is specially formulated to seal and protect tires in the case of puncture on the road.

This is especially useful for drivers of large vehicles with heavy loads because a puncture can have catastrophic consequences when large amounts of weight and momentum are involved. By working with the high internal pressure of the tires, Ride-on tire sealant immediately fills in and seals a puncture when it happens, allowing the tire to maintain safe tire pressure. While a puncture may slightly decrease the tire’s PSI, the seal that is made will last for the rest of the tire’s lifetime. The effectiveness of Ride-On in sealing punctures and maintaining tire pressure can increase the life of a treated tire by 25%. Whether it’s for a construction vehicle or a big rig, Ride-On tire sealant for wide base tires is a cost effective and practical solution for tire blowouts.