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With Stem Cap Technology from Ride-On, you can Maximize Efficiency

In recent years, the team at Ride-On has garnered much acclaim for providing high tech, commercial tire sealant products that are both affordable and extremely useful in avoiding auto accidents. Our tire pressure monitoring system has been utilized by motorcyclists, truck drivers, waste haulers, construction workers, motorcyclists and of course traditional consumer automobile drivers.

The Ride-On TPMS is a line of gel-like tire sealants and balancers that contain fibers that are six times stronger than steel. These coat the inner liners of tires, preventing flats caused by punctures and extending the life of the tire. One of our most effective and cutting edge tire pressure monitoring systems is our popular stem cap, which is designed to alert you when your tire's pressure dips to dangerously low levels.

For those whose business depends on transporting goods, people or services across any distance, the stem cap system can be an invaluable resource. The stem cap can be installed quickly and easily, screwing right onto the tire valve system. When tire pressure falls below a certain point (4 psi for automobiles, motorcycles, vans light trucks and ATVs, 4 or 8 for other commercial and heavy duty vehicles) the stem cap will flash a red light.

The stem cap TPMS sensor has an impressive 5-year battery life, and to maximize convenience, it will flash a yellow light when it is time to change batteries. By using the Ride-On stem cap, tire sealant, and options like our tire roadside assistance, you can ensure the efficiency of your vehicle – and most importantly, the safety and security of its passengers and cargo.