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You can Trust the Signature Orange Tyre Sealant from Ride-On

At Ride-On, we're well known for the incredible performance of our signature orange tire balancer and sealant gel. This tyre sealant helps countless drivers to avoid disaster when road hazards cross their path. Yet, many customers still find themselves wondering: What makes Ride-On so effective as an auto, truck and motorcycle tire balancer?

While it may look like a simple glob of orange goo, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Ride-On contains fibers that are six times stronger than steel. This prevents flats caused by punctures. Our formulations are also engineered to hydrodynamically balance tire and wheel assemblies for the entire life of the tire. Unlike most products on the market, Ride-On does not break down under the extreme g-forces and high heat commonly found inside of tires. The meticulously engineered balancer even lowers the operating temperatures of the tire. It also reduces porosity air loss through the crown of the tire – this maximizes tire life, sometimes extending the life of a tire by 25% or more.

The result is a tire that can survive and perform effectively even after punctures from nails, glass or other common road debris. In fact, puncture holes as large as ¼ inch can be effectively sealed by Ride-On. This means that in many cases, tires won't have to be changed after experiencing a puncture.

As impressive as our orange tire sealant may be, it's far from the only product we offer that help drivers save money and, most importantly, protect their passengers while on the road. Other options like our LED Smart Caps help drivers to manager their tire pressure, making certain that their tires are properly inflated. In fact we even provide LED Smart Caps for fire and ambulances that are trusted by many professionals during the most pressing emergency situations, so don't hesitate to safe-guard your vehicle with Ride-On products.