Safe, sustainable and economical driving with Ride-On

Protect the environment while saving money and increasing vehicle safety and performance by using Ride-On Tire Protection line of tire sealants! Ride-On does more than simply protect against flat tires. Driving a vehicle equipped with Ride-On will increase your safety and comfort, but also reduce your fuel consumption and increase tire life. The secret? Sealing and balancing.

Ride-On helps fleets, government agencies and individuals reduce their carbon footprints by helping tires maintain their optimum pressures. It seals punctures in tires resulting from road debris and helps to eliminate small porosity tire leaks that reduce tire pressure over time. This makes the tire less likely to lose air over the course of time and will help it maintain its set-point pressure up to 500% longer. Balancing helps to make the tires less wobbly. These qualities combined decrease the rolling resistance of the tire on the road, resulting in less tire wear and less fuel consumption. The US Department of Transportation has calculated the potential fuel savings if everyone were to keep their tires at proper pressure: more than 5,4 million liters of fuel per day. That would be no different in Europe. 

Reduce fuel consumption with optimal tire pressure

Fuel consumption and tire wear may increase noticeably when a tire loses pressure. By keeping the tire pressure on point, Ride-On helps to limit this: on average fuel consumption decreases by 3% and tires last 25% longer.


An increased tire life results in less tires ending up in landfills and fewer tires needing to be replaced. Not fun for tire manufacturers, perhaps. But certainly beneficial to the consumer and the environment.

Ride-On tire pressure Graph


Stop emissions of harmful rubber particles

Approximately 22 liters of oil are required for the manufacture of one single truck tire. In Europe alone 260 million tires per year are discarded. We can all contribute to reduce this burden for the environment by 25%.

Moreover, a wearing tire produces rubber fine dust that ends up in the air, surface waters, soil and our bodies. For anyone who’s sensitive to it this can have detrimental effects on their health. 


Choose sustainable and responsible driving

Transporters, companies and governmental institutions find it increasingly important for their vehicle fleets to drive sustainably and environmentally friendly. They choose Ride-On to achieve their goals. But individuals as well choose more safety on the road, less environmental impact and a benefit for their wallet.   


Ride-On’s environmentally friendly qualities:
Ride-On Dekra Quality mark

  • Ride-On has been tested by the Department of Health Services (DOHS) Bioassay – for dangerous waste (LC-50). That’s one of the most renowned and certified Laboratories in the State of California. This institute has confirmed that Ride-On cannot be qualified as “dangerous waste” and has no aquatic toxicity;
  • Ride-On has been tested and deemed safe by Dekra;
  • Ride-On is not dangerous, non-flammable and biodegradable;
  • Ride-On does not contain carcinogens of chemicals that affect the ozone layer;
  • Ride-On uses only organic corrosion inhibitors that are used up during the normal life of the product.
  • Ride-On contains no heavy metals;
  • Ride-On has a flashpoint of more than 590°C;
  • Ride-On is chemically inert and does not affect tires or rims;
  • Ride-On can be recycled.