Ride-On distribution by Parts For Scooters brings popular tire sealant further into powersports markets

Riders of scooters along with countless different types of powersports and other motorized bikes have one less thing to worry about today. With the announcement that Inovex Industries' Ride-On line of products is about to be distributed by leading small cycle and powersports parts retailer Parts For Scooters, riders now have an easy way to avoid flat tires. Moreover, with Ride-On's flagship products now being distributed through a top vendor for Scooter and motorsports aficionados, tires will be in better shape than ever. Nothing brings your powersports outings to a halt like flat tires, but, as the name suggests, Ride-On makes flat tire repair on the go a thing of the past.

Despite the relative simplicity of sealing a tire puncture on vehicles sometimes weighing 100 lbs. or less, like the ones Parts For Scooters supplies parts for, Ride-On is proving popular because it has more than one trick up its sleeve: It doesn't just pre-seal the tire, preventing air-loss; it balances the tire. Rudimentary puncture repair does the opposite, throwing the tire out of balance, and giving you a rougher, bumpier ride. With Ride-On tire sealant for scooters and powersports, off-road use is less treacherous, and more purely enjoyable.

Parts For Scooters, an offshoot of Universal Parts, is a major provider of aftermarket parts for Asian-made transportation products. "At the start of 2011, one of our major goals was to achieve strong global distribution in the powersports marketplace," says Inovex CEO Mark Farkhan. With Parts for Scooters as a partner, he says the powersports world is "an industry we are starting to tap into in a major way. We expect significant growth in the next six months to a year as we can now turn our focus to the end users."

Inovex itself was founded in 1995, and has emerged as the leading manufacturer of tire sealant systems. Another big seller is the popular TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) known as the Ride-On LED Smart Cap, which intelligently monitors tire pressure for added safety. Ride-On's flagship sealant comes in nine environmentally-friendly varieties. Applications beyond scooters and powersports run the gamut from autos and trucks to construction, industrial and agricultural.

For more information about Ride-On, check out www.ride-on.com. You can also speak to directly to Inovex Industries, Inc., the manufacturer of Ride-On Tire Protection System Tire Sealants by calling 1(888)347-3366.