Indentify Cracked Wheels Before They Become Catastrophic 

Ride-On Tire And Wheel Conditioner

Ride-On Tire and Wheel Conditioner (TWC) is a specially formulated nontoxic tire and wheel conditioning solution that protects tires and rims of agricultural, industrial, mining, and construction equipment. Ride-On TWC reduces time and labor costs associated with demounting of OTR tires. Ride-On TWC also helps extend tire life by lubricating tire inner-liners and o rings, helping tires run cooler, and reducing underinflation due to air loss from porosity, cracked o rings, vent holes and bead seats.

Ride-On TWC is corrosion inhibited to help prevent wheel corrosion and pitting. In fact, it can actually help remove preexisting rust and scale buildup from wheels. Ride-On TWC helps identify cracks in wheels and cuts in tires using ultra violet (UV) dyes that can easily be seen using ultra violet lights (UV-A/blacklights). This safety feature will alert operators and tire service technicians to take a wheel or tire out of service before a catastrophic failure can occur.

Ride-On TWC is NOT a puncture sealant and contains no fibers or fillers. 



 Lowers labor costs Ride-On TWC helps with the demounting of off -road, industrial, and agricultural tires. High heat can cause a tire to weld itself to a rim, resulting in hours of labor spent trying to break free the tire bead, and could ultimately result in damage to the tire and rim. 

✔ Cools Tires - Cooler tires last longer and allow OTR tires to get the maximum hours of operation. By conditioning tires and reducing air loss due to tire porosity, bead, o ring and vent hole leaks, Ride-On TWC helps tires maintain their set point pressure and operate cooler.

✔ Reduces rim replacement and reconditioning costs - Ride-On TWC conditions casings and wheels using corrosion inhibitors that help reduce rim scale and
corrosion buildup. Ride-On TWC lowers operating and maintenance costs by reducing the need for rim and bead cleanup and reconditioning.

Safety solution - Special UV dyes light up when illuminated with blacklight (UV-A) fl ashlights to help detect cracks and leaks in wheels, tires, o rings and even beads. These dyes work in daylight and nighttime working conditions. Helps identify cracks in wheels and tires so they can be removed from service before they become catastrophic.
✔ Water dispersible - Washes out with plain water leaving no residue. Ride-On TWC will not interfere with the application of boots, section or tire plug and patch repairs.
✔ Environmentally friendly - Ride TWC is formulated to be nontoxic, biodegradable, nonhazardous, nonfl ammable and non-explosive.

✔ Suitable for all weather conditions - Ride-On TWC has been specially formulated to prevent freezing at low temperatures (freeze point of -35 °C /-31 °F) and separation at high temperatures (boiling point of 109 °C / 228 °F).


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