Ride-On is at Milipol Paris 2017 

‘Armor for the road’ protects against flat tires and keeps vehicles moving


This fall Ride-On will be present at the Milipol in Paris to present the tire protection formulas for military vehicles and emergency services. This 'tire armor' prevents flat tires and increases driving comfort, which is beneficial for police and ambulance for example who are often required to be on the spot very quickly. But the often slower military vehicles profit as well. The promise: Ride-On will even seal punctures from bullets. 

Innovation in the field of sealants

The Milipol is the world's largest event on Homeland Security and is hosted in Paris this year, from 21 to 24 November. A variety of companies will present their innovative products in the fields of personal armor, weapons and vehicles, but mobility and road safety as well. Ride-On will show that sealants, which have been used in the army for years, continue to be improved to this day. A formula that does not harden, is safe for tires and rims and even balances at high speeds will offer new, hitherto unknown benefits. 

For tires that can be relied on

A vehicle's tires connect it to the road and drivers need to be able to rely on both vehicle and tires to be quick on site. Road debris can have serious consequences for emergency services that drive emergency lanes at high speeds and a tire breakdown is the last thing they need when time is of the essence. Ride-On seals punctures in the tire tread automatically, within seconds and without noticeable pressure loss. The balancing qualities reduce vibrations and improve drivability, for a smooth and comfortable drive.