International Distributors


Dear Prospective International Distributor:

We are pleased to learn of the interest shown by your company regarding the export of Ride-On Tire Protection System (TPS) to your country. Please complete the International Distributor Application Form (link below) and tell us about your company and the territory you are interested in representing.

Inovex acknowledges that each country or region may need its own unique method of marketing. However, ALL marketing of Ride-On products and services must be approved by Inovex Industries in order to maintain a global uniformity to enhance product and brand name recognition and to enhance sales worldwide.

Exclusivity is granted to those who can demonstrate the following resources in the country or region where exclusivity is requested for:

• Adequate financing
• Established government channels of sales and distribution
• Established commercial and retail channels of sales and distribution
• Adequate business experience
• Vision and philosophy compatible with those of Inovex
• Ability to make a long term and exclusive commitment to Ride-On products 

Representation, whether on an exclusive basis or on a non-exclusive basis, can be maintained only if certain sales volumes are met on a quarterly, or semi-annual basis. We need input from you as to the volumes and channels of distribution you forecast. The approach of selling to the military, government and commercial fleets is very advisable, as it will allow you to achieve higher sales volumes quickly.

We are confident that you will find that our product quality and service is the best in the industry. With the right company marketing Ride-On, we are confident that Ride-On will dominate your market.


Mark Farkhan
President, Inovex Industries, Inc.

Contact us via [email protected], or give us a call: +1-703-421-9778