Virginia Authority Taps Inovex for Participation in State Export Promotion Program


9/8/2006 - Sterling, VA
Virginia Authority Taps Inovex for Participation in State Export Promotion Program

The Division of International Trade of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP), a state authority created to promote economic expansion within the Commonwealth of Virginia, has selected Inovex Industries, Inc. to participate in its export development program named Accessing International Markets, or AIM. The AIM program provides funding, planning and professional services to select Virginia companies seeking to pursue new export leads.

Inovex currently exports to Afghanistan, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and a host of other countries, and has recently set its sights on increasing sales of its Ride-On TPS tire sealants to Mexico. “We’re excited to see how this program helps us to obtain a serious foothold in an export market closer to home,” states Andrew McCabe, CFO of Inovex. “We’re optimistic that the support of the Commonwealth in this endeavor will be win-win, since an increase in export volumes should spell the creation of additional jobs in Virginia.”

For more information on the efforts of the VEDP’s Division of International Trade in promoting Virginia exports, please visit their site at or contact Michael Howley, International Trade Manager on 1-703-506-1030.

About Inovex Industries

Inovex is a Virginia-based specialty chemicals manufacturer and distributor whose banner product is the Ride-On™ Tire Protection System (“Ride-On”), a proprietary industrial compound that reduces incidences of flat tires (tyres) caused by punctures from nails, thorns, screws and other debris. Ride-On also helps tires to maintain set pneumatic pressure, cools tires and extends the useful life of tires. Ride-On is used worldwide by countless first responders, contract and LTL long-haul truck fleets, construction companies, militaries, truck fleets, waste haulers, municipalities and other fleets interested in saving money on operating costs. Inovex makes formulations designed for both high-speed, on-road as well as low-speed, off-road use. For trucks, pickups, cars, buses, motorcycles, scooters, forklifts, backhoes, bobcats, even bicycles…if it’s got a tire, it needs Ride-On. For more information on the Ride-On product line, please contact George Burns on (703) 421-9778 or visit us on the web at

For further information on the availability of Ride-On TPS in the US or any other part of the world, please email Inovex at the address below or call Inovex on either 1-888-374-3366 (US only) or 1-703-421-9778.

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