Super Single Tires

Super single tires, also known as wide base tires, are embraced by truck drivers as a low maintenance alternative to dual tire systems, which require meticulous air pressure gauging to ensure even tread distribution and ground contact. While super single tires can improve duel efficiency, lower vehicle weight, and make for even treading, they are on the other hand more likely to encounter road debris since more of the tire is making contact with the ground. Ride-On tire sealant for super single tires makes driving more safe by immediately and permanently sealing any punctures made in the tire up to 1/4 “ in diameter. So whether it’s a nail puncture or a puncture from glass on the road, your super single tires will continue running like new. This is because the sealant effectively prevents the tire from losing too much tire pressure, which could otherwise lead to accident and injury. 

As a tire spins, the tire sealant gel gets evenly distributed in the tire, allowing it to effectively seal punctures along the tread of the tire. This gel is biodegradable, water dispersible, easy to clean, non-flammable, and only needs a single application to provide protection for the life of the tires, whether super single tires or consumer tires.