Tire Puncture Repair

Ride-On is well known around the world as a revolutionary gel-based tire sealant that serves as both a fantastic tire puncture repair product and tire balancer. But it’s more than that. Ride-On is a market leader in preventive measures designed to protect and extend your tire life. Rather than resting on their laurels, Ride-On is constantly generating new and exciting products. One such product is the new Ride-ON Smart Cap; an LED tire pressure monitoring valve cap for autos, SUVs, light trucks, RVs, motorcycles and commercial vehicles. 

The Ride-On Smart Cap is easy to install, self-calibrates to the tire’s pressure, and uses bright blinking LED lights to indicate low pressure (a red light to indicate a pressure loss of 4 PSI or more) and low battery power (yellow light). This product includes an integrated anti-theft device, long-lasting battery life, and even compensates for the naturally occurring rise in pressure found inside a hot tire. Ride-On offers different versions of its LED Smart Cap. From motorcycles, scooters, cars, SUVs, RVs, and light trucks (for pressures of 10-70 PSI) to commercial trucks (for pressures of 50-170 PSI), Ride-On has you covered. 

This cost-effective tire pressure monitoring system is the perfect complement to another spectacular protective measure for your tires; Ride-On’s tire balancer and sealant. Ride-On’s flagship tire balancer and sealant coats the inner surface of your tires as you drive. If a puncture occurs in the crown area of the tire, the centrifugal force of the spinning wheels instantly forces this tire puncture repair product into any breach up to 1/4" in tubeless tires, thus eliminating 85-95% of flats. Should you lose any air, however, before the tire sealant fills the puncture, the Ride-On Smart Cap will alert you to the drop in pressure, making it an invaluable redundancy system.

Together, Ride-On’s tire puncture repair product and Smart Cap make a winning combination for anyone interested in preserving their tires and avoiding blow-outs. If you are interested in learning more about Ride-On’s tire balancers sealants or LED Smart Cap, contact us directly at www.ride-on.com


Save costs, protect your tires

Ride-On is a world leader in tire sealants with the dual functions of tire balancing and amazing tire puncture repair. But now with the Ride-On Smart Cap, We are blazing new ground in the field of preventative maintenance for your tires. The Smart Cap is an LED tire pressure monitoring device that works on a range of vehicles from commercial trucks and RVs to passenger autos, SUVs, pickup trucks and motorcycles and more.

Once the LED indicator is installed, a blinking red light turns on to indicate a loss of 4 PSI or more, which constitutes low pressure. A yellow light simply means the Smart Cap’s long-lasting battery is currently low. Installation is easy, and calibration to the tire’s individual pressure is handled automatically. It also has other essential features, such as the ability to tell the difference between a pressure change brought on by the naturally occurring heat inside a tire, and a dangerous loss of pressure that necessitates tire puncture repair.

But nothing saves costs like redundant tire puncture repair measures, which is why the LED Smart Cap works best in combination with Ride-On’s tire balancer and sealant. This revolutionary sealant coats the inside of your tire in such a way that the spinning of your tire forces the gel into any puncture up to 1/4” in size in your tubeless tire, essentially providing instant tire puncture repair in 85-95% of flat tires. If the Smart Cap is in place, it will notify you of any loss in pressure, keeping you in remarkable control of your tire pressure, despite the hazards of the road.

Ride-On is the industry leader in innovative, cost-saving measures to protect your tires. Contact us directly.