Bike-On: tire sealant for bicycles

Bike-On is a quality sealant that preventively protects against flats, specially developed for bicycles. It automatically helps seal punctures in your tires caused by nails, thorns, glass and other objects. This special formula was designed to provide superior protection for your bicycle tires and helps eliminate the inconvenient flat tire that you might get on remote trails, during weekend rides, or on your daily commutes. It works on both tube and tubeless tires and seals punctures from objects measuring 3 mm (1/8") in diameter. Bike-On helps prevent flats and helps tires last longer.

Prevent flat tires for your bicycle

Just like the Ride-On formulas, Bike-On contains corrosion inhibitors that protect steel and aluminum wheels and tire belts against rust. Bike-On also helps to reduce dry rot and the tiny invisible porosity leaks that cause tires to deflate over time. The formula works on all makes, types and sizes of tube tires. 

The Bike-On formula is suitable for: 

Children's bikes

Adult bikes and e-bikes

✔ Racing bikes 

✔ Mountainbikes


For more information read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) document

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