Carefree driving through rough terrain - extreme flat prevention

Formula for Off-road vehicles

Prevent flat tires with Ride-On's Off-Road Formula, designed for Off-Road vehicles that require extra protection in extreme operating conditions. The Off-Road formula was designed to provide superior sealing capabilities in tubeless tires that operate at a wide range of operating pressures, at speeds up to 78 mph/ 130 kph. The Off-Road formula offers effective protection against flats with a combination of rubber particles and fibers - including aramid fibers, six times stronger than steel - that automatically seal punctures in the tire tread caused by objects up to 3/8 inches (9.5 mm) in Tubeless tires and up to 3.0 mm in tube tires. 

The environmentally friendly, high-tech gel creates a a self-sealing layer inside the tire at the crown area. This layer helps to cool, seal and balance tires and stays active for years - the entire legal life of the tire. It is ideal for UTVs, skid-steers, landscaping, waste haulers, agri and other Off-Road vehicles. The Off-Road formula helps eliminate bead leaks, conditions casings, and extends tire life by helping tires maintain their pressure and run cooler. 


Reduce downtime with Ride-On

Ride-On helps tires maintain their set-point pressure much longer than untreated tires and also hydrodynamically balances the tire/rim combination. Properly inflated and balanced tires will operate at lower temperatures resulting in reduced tire wear, up to 25% or more. Additionally, it can reduce the risk of a blowout and improve fuel economy. 

A vehicle equipped with Ride On will benefit from better handling, better fuel economy, longer lasting tires, and most importantly, a safer ride. 

  • Protection and safety: prevent flats by giving your tires self-sealing properties.
  • Comfort: tires are balanced continuously for a smooth ride
  • Easy to apply and remove from the tires
  • Permanently active, for the legal life of the tire

Why use Ride-On Off-Road tire sealant? 

Riding an UTV can be an exhilarating experience, whether it be through sand dunes, dirt roads, or untouched, rugged sections of the countryside. However, since UTVing is typically done on rugged terrain, tire blowouts are a likely upsetter. That’s why Ride-On’s specially formulated UTV tire sealant is becoming such an indispensable part of any avid UTVer’s arsenal. A single application of Ride-On’s UTV tire sealant is able to immediately fill in and seal punctures in the tire, allowing riders to continue riding as if nothing has happened. Whether it’s a small slice from a sharp rock or a deep nail puncture, UTV tire sealant will fill up the hole and prevent the tire from losing problematic levels of air pressure. 

One of the distinguishing aspects of Ride-On’s UTV tire sealant is that it seals the puncture for the life of the tire, instead of serving as a temporary solution like many other tire sealant brands do. The uniquely formulated gel that makes up Ride-On’s UTV tire sealant can increase the operating life of your UTV vehicle by sealing punctures and preventing slow air leaks. The UTV tire sealant is water dispersible, non-flammable, biodegradable and professionally proven for its effectiveness.

  • Reduces downtime - Prevents flats and seals multiple punctures up to 1/4” in diameter. Helps seal slow leaks that cause tires to deflate over time.
  • Will not harm tires and wheels - UTV conditions casings and contains corrosion inhibitors to protect steel, aluminum, and yellow metals from oxidation.
  • Water dispersible - Washes out with plain water leaving no residue. 
  • Safe to use - Non-flammable, non-hazardous, biodegradable.
  • One application is enough to last the legal life of the tire.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions - Specially formulated to prevent freezing at extremely low temperatures (-40 °C / -40 °F) and separation at high temperatures.
  • Will not interfere with the application of conventional tire plug and patch repairs.

For more information read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) document

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