Tucker Rocky Distributing and Inovex Industries Form Strategic Alliance for Powersports Distribution of Ride-On TPS

Tucker Rocky to Distribute Inovex Industries' Ride-On Tire Protection System Line of Tire Balancing Sealants to Motorcycle Dealerships

Press Release Source: Tucker Rocky Distributing, Inc. On Thursday July 28, 2011, 7:58 pm EDT

FORT WORTH, Texas and STERLING, Va., July 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --Tucker Rocky Distributing, Inc. (TR), one of the world's largest motorcycle clothing, parts and accessories distributors, and Inovex Industries, Inc., the manufacturer of Ride-On Tire Protection System (TPS), the only proven high-speed tire balancer and tire sealant, announce their intentions to distribute Ride-On TPS motorcycle and ATV lines across North America through retail motorcycle dealerships. "We are extremely excited about this partnership," says Mark Farkhan, CEO of Inovex. "Tucker Rocky is a giant in this industry, and with their distribution capabilities we firmly believe Ride-On will become the new paradigm for how motorcycle tires are balanced, as well as an integral safety feature for any rider. Ride-On not only provides a superior balance as compared to traditional wheel weight balancing, but it also helps keep riders upright and on the road by minimizing the impact of random road hazards via immediate flat tire repair. The combination of these two benefits is something that no other single compound – lead, beads, sealant, or otherwise – can compete with. Ride-On also gives dealerships the ability to establish a new revenue stream in a challenging market."

According to Don Stewart, Marketing Coordinator for Tucker Rocky, "It is rare to come across a product like Ride-On that has the ability to completely revolutionize a segment of an industry. Lead weights are already banned in several states including CA, WA, VT, and ME. Other balancing compounds simply can't compete with Ride-On. It facilitates air pressure retention, improves MPG, extends tire life – and can potentially guard against road hazards. We all know that picking up a nail at 65 MPH can ruin your day, but as well as that, hanging out on a roadside waiting for help can be dangerous. With Ride-On you are much more likely to stay on the road and on the ride. What's also exciting about Ride-On is its versatility as a sales item. F&I can sell it in both new and pre-owned motorcycles. You can sell bottles in the parts department, and service can upsell it to anyone coming in off the street. It is a product that has both on- and off-road applications, from mopeds to sport bikes, regardless of tire brands or whether the tires are new or used." Says Farkhan, "Tucker Rocky is an invaluable addition to our distributor network. We look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together."

About Inovex Industries, Inc. - Ride-On Tire Protection System – Founded in 1995, Inovex is the leading manufacturer of the Ride-On Tire Protection System line of tire sealants and tire balancers. With 9 environmentally friendly and biodegradable formulations, Ride-On is specifically designed to meet the needs of the various market segments including: Automotive, Motorcycle, ATV, High Speed Commercial, Heavy Duty Construction, Industrial, and Agricultural. Ride-On TPS' high-speed formulas for puncture repair are the only tire sealants proven safe and effective for high-speed applications. Ride-On not only does not throw tires out of balance, it actually helps balance a tire without the need for wheel weights, all while making any tire into a self sealing tire.

For additional information visit www.ride-on.com. To request information or speak directly with Inovex Industries, Inc. the manufacturer of the Ride-On Tire Protection System Tire Sealants, call toll free (888) 374-3366, or email: [email protected].

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