Testimonials - Ride-On experiences for Cars

I'm really enjoying my auto/suv product. It got rid of the high-speed shimmy and makes the car feel more stable and sure-footed, especially at highway speeds. It's like I added $10k in build quality to the car.

Best Regards

Ron Sirott, Virginia
I bought 8 bottles of your Auto & SUV tire sealant last fall and have been running it in tires of two vehicles to date. My largest concern was for tire balancing, but I should tell you the concerns were for naught! The product has balanced all eight tires better than any I have ever driven on!
Mike Stapley


I just decided to sell 1 car, and am buying (2) sets of tires for the my other cars in the next week.

Ride-on saved my friend a huge accident on his Buell Ulysses when a 3/8" piece of re-bar punctured his rear tire at 60mph. He heard a loud pop and thought it was a car backfiring. 4 miles down the road, he pulled off at his exit, drove into the parking lot and felt the bike slowly begin to tip over. He jumped off, then noticed the rear tire was flat.

Wow! A real life-saving product, Proven on the road at speed.

Also, was given a VW Beetle that had drywall screws in (2) tires. Took the car to a tire center, and they said, "We can't repair those tires because it's on the edge of the tread.." So I went home and installed Ride-on in those tires.

One was fine with the sealant, the other kept spitting the sealant out through the puncture. So, I kept rolling the car up and down the driveway, then re-filling with air. After (3) times, it finally sealed. That was (5) months ago, and they have not leaked since.

Thomas Hunt 11-26-12
“ Shelby American has been performing ride and handling testing over the past several months. I am pleased to say that Ride-On will be offered to the owners for use in their Series 1's with the backing and confidence of Shelby . Thank you for all your efforts to make this happen. ”
Mark Visconti, Vice President Engineering - Shelby American, Inc. 
“The City of Baltimore currently operates more than 5,500 pieces of equipment. As you know, Inovex Industries, In. and your Ride-On TPS sealant was selected as a preferred vendor and product after an exhaustive testing and evaluation period covering more than 2 years. These long term tests included police cruisers, waste trucks, street sweepers, and other fleet support vehicles. As of January of 2002, the installation of Ride-On TPS was mandated in all tires mounted on the City of Baltimore vehicles. Just to let you know, we have not had any problems with retreading any of our tires, or issues with compatibility with our tires or wheels. After close to 3 years of use, we have not experienced any corrosion problems with any of our casings or wheels. ”

Charles Krysiak, Fleet Administrator - City of Baltimore 


"I use your sealant for my wife's Toyota sedan, for my old Nissan Pathfinder and for my Harley. When my wife had her wheels rebalanced and the outcome was awful, you explained the hydrodynamic balancing qualities of your sealant and advised removal of the balancing weights; I did so and the wheels are so balanced!  Recently, I also had my SUV's wheel weights removed and its wheels too, are now wonderfully balanced!"
H.J. Whitaker


"Since I found your product, I have not driven without it! This is my 5th purchase of your product, I'm a long time happy customer. I don't buy "cheap" tires, so this to me is a good investment. I used to worry about my wife getting yet another flat tire when she was driving alone. We have not had a flat tire on any of our cars since I've started using your product. You do have a problem with your product; no one seems to know about it. "
H. McDermott