Testimonials - Government and Municipalities

How Much Can Ride-On Save Your Fleet? 

Ride-On TPS is currently used by the State Highway Administration (SHA) and DOT of several states. More than 60 cities, municipalities, counties, and government agencies, including major municipal fleets like the City of San Diego and City of Baltimore are Ride-On TPS customers. In fact many of these fleets are now ordering Ride-On on a sole source basis. A partial list of our many municipal customers are:

Arlington County Arvin Edison Water District
California Street Maintenance City of Dimmit
City of Frederick City of Hastings
City of Knoxville City of Manassas
City of Monroe City of New York
City of Raleigh City of Riverview
City of Seneca Puente Hills Landfill
Wake County Washington County
City of Santa Monica Bedford County Landfill
City of Salina Davies County Landfill
City of Baltimore City of San Diego
Southeastern Public Service Authority Quantico Marine Base
Camp Pendleton Aberdeen Proving Grounds
Fort Meade Fort Belvoir
US Dept. of Interior - Parks Authority Hart County Solid Waste

Experiences with Ride-On for Municipalities

"The City of Baltimore currently operates more than 5500 pieces of equipment. As you know, Inovex Industries, In. and your Ride-On TPS sealant was selected as a preferred vendor and product after an exhaustive testing and evaluation period covering more than 2 years. These long term tests included police cruisers, waste trucks, street sweepers, and other fleet support vehicles. As of January of 2002, the installation of Ride-On TPS was mandated in all tires mounted on the City of Baltimore vehicles. Just to let you know, we have not had any problems with retreading any of our tires, or issues with compatibility with our tires or wheels. After close to 3 years of use, we have not experienced any corrosion problems with any of our casings or wheels. "

Charles Krysiak, Fleet Administrator - City of Baltimore

Charles Krysiak

"Prior to using your product, we were averaging 2 flat tires per week. Ride-On has performed better than what you promised and frankly I am quite amazed. We have had NO FLAT TIRES due to punctures over a 24-month period. None. Based on my experience over the last 2 years, I would recommend your product to any landfill operator or business that wants to cut down on its downtime and flat tire expenses. Your product has paid for itself many times over. Thanks again for introducing us to your product."

Marvin Sheriff, Director of Public Works - Village of Angel Fire 

Marvin Sheriff

"We have implemented Ride-On into our system and now install it with every tire. I am happy to report that Ride-On has improved our operation drastically, and we are enjoying all the benefits of Ride-On as you advertise. Thanks to Ride-On, we now have fewer punctures, less downtime, and have increased our tire life and tire performance, all of which result in big savings. I am happy to say, that we have recommended Ride-On to other Municipalities in the Northern Emirates."

Jarry Almome, Sharjah Municipality - United Arab Emirates 

Jarry Almome

"We have a tremendous reduction in flat tires since we implemented Ride-On in our fleet of street sweepers."

Tony Sambrano, Director of Maintenance - City of Fullerton

Tony Sambrano

"We purchased enough product to treat all of the tires on the new trucks. In the past eight months, I am happy to say that we have had zero problems with flat tires in our trash trucks and roll-off. Our vehicles drive routinely into construction sites, CD&D landfills, and the municipal landfill, and I personally have pulled nails out of the tires and watched as the tires are sealed instantly. I recommend Ride-On TPS to all Maintenance and Fleet Managers that have vehicles that drive into landfills or other high hazard areas. Ride-On TPS really works."

William Hack, Operations Director - Hart County Solid Waste 

William Hack

"I am pleased to report that your product has been performing beyond my expectations. Post Office regulations prohibit me from endorsing your product for the Post Office. I wish I could, but will have to offer this personal endorsement of your product."

Joe Erber

"Our investment has saved us well more than the product cost in service calls, in addition to eliminating down time." Robert G. Davenport, Dir. of Solid Waste Department - Washington County Robert G. Davenport

"We are presently using it in light trucks and mowing equipment. We will expand the use in the rest of our fleet."

Ronald L. Kline, Supv. of Vehicle Maint. - City of Frederick Dept. of Public Works  Ronald L. Kline