What do users think of Ride-On HDOTR for industrial vehicles?

Testimonials - Ride-On experiences for Industrial Vehicles

"Since we started using your product nearly 4 months ago, we have had no flat tires from punctures. Due to the severe nature of our business, we still continue to lose a few tires due to sidewall cuts ad from curb damage and debris in the landfills. However, our overall flat tire rates are down by more than 85%. We have noticed that our tires are maintaining their set-point pressure longer and that it now takes considerably less time and effort to inspect all of our vehicles. As you promised, we have had no problems with retreading any of our tires. Ride-On TPS has made a considerable impact on our vehicle downtime and efficiency."

Sammy Warren

“Our initial investment of $1960 in Ride-On has already saved us more than $12,000 in the last four months. Ride-On TPS’ impact on our fleet operations has been outstanding. I would recommend Ride-On to any fleet manager who wants to reduce their tire costs and downtime.”

Mark Gilberto

Ride-On TPS has completely eliminated our downtime due to flats on that loader. Subsequently we have been using your product with every new tire we install on our fleet vehicles. We are now considering treating all of the trucks in our fleet regardless of new or used tires. I will not hesitate to recommend your product to anybody who has similar problems as ours or anyone who is considering the use of your product in their fleets.”

" I would like to thank Ride-On Tire Protection System for virtually eliminating my flat tire problems."

Mike Wilfong

“Since the initial product installation, we have cut our flat repairs by over 600%. This product has changed our business operation by eliminating a major worry. FLAT TIRES! Thank you again.”

James E. Murphy

“We have been used to 1-2 flat tires per week, as our disposal trailers are in regional transfer stations and landfills daily. However, since we had our tires protected with Ride-On back in July, we have yet to have a repair, let alone a flat tire.”

Murray Stewart

“Using the Ride-On Tire Protection System, we have eliminated our flat tires! Finally there is a product that works.”