Ride-On for Ambulances - protection against flat tires

When others depend on you, you can depend on Ride-On

Discover powerful tire protection against flats and blowouts and a balancing agent in one formula. Roads can be full of dangers for vehicles that drive emergency lanes at high speeds. Debris can easily cause a flat tire, with all the dangers and consequences that entails. When a patient is waiting to be picked up, or you have to get them to a hospital, the last thing you need are tire breakdowns. 

This Ride-On tire sealant formula was specially developed for cars and vans that drive at speeds up to 250 km/h. The hightech, waterbased gel coats the inside of the tire tread to seal punctures and porosity leaks as well as cool the tire. It helps prevent flats and blowouts, helps maintain tire pressure and hydrodynamically balances. Balancing reduces shocks and noise, which will help get your patient to safety in time and in a comfortable manner.


With Ride-On, you're always one step ahead of tire problems. Enjoy a smooth and safe ride with: 

  • Protection and safety: the self-sealing formula helps prevent flat tires.
  • Comfort: tires are balanced continuously and maintain their set-point pressure, for better drivability and reduced vibrations and road noise.
  • Sustainability: Ride-On reduces carbon footprint by reducing fuel consumption and extending tire life. 

Why Ride-On?

✔ Helps prevent flat tires, blowouts and dangerous situations
✔ Automatically balances tires, for a smooth ride
✔ Reliable safeguard for your tires and mobility
✔ Safe and comfortable drive
✔ Safe for the environment and tires and rims