Ride-On for Military Vehicles

Armor for the road - bulletproof protection effect 

  • Helps prevent flat tires, blowouts and dangerous situations
  • Helps prevent downtime caused by tire failure

In war situations, being able to move is essential. You need to be able to rely on your vehicle to quickly move out of - and into - the fray, as well as navigate treacherous and rough terrains. Tire breakdowns are the last thing you need in these circumstances. This version of Ride-On has been specifically formulated for military vehicles that need to perform under extreme and demanding circumstances. It has much stronger sealing abilities and can even withstand perforations by bullets.


This sealant comes in two varieties: 

Military Grade Sealant

For light and heavy vehicles that drive at speeds up to 85 kph/50 mph. It seals punctures up to 12.5 millimeters (1/2") and has balancing abilities. This helps reduce vibrations in steering wheel and tires, for better drivability.

Military Grade Sealant Extreme

For off-road military equipment and vehicles that drive at speeds up to 50 kph/30 mph. This formula seals punctures up to 20 millimeters (4/5") in diameter. It will even seal punctures from bullets. This formula does not balance, but it gives the best sealing and cooling results in the most extreme situations and conditions. 

Ride-On benefits for the military

Ride-On Tire Protection is an innovative gel that has been specially formulated to seal punctures, prevent leaks, balance tires, and extend tire life. It was designed to seal most slow leaks and punctures (efficiency of 85-95%) in the crown area of a tire caused by nails, screws, thorns, road debris, and other perforating objects. Ride-On also helps tires maintain their optimum pressures and run cooler, which can increase tire life by up to 25% or more. A vehicle equipped with Ride On will benefit from better handling, better fuel economy, longer lasting tires, and most importantly, a safer ride. 

 Prevents tire breakdowns in dangerous areas
 Helps tires withstand rough terrain
 Guards tire pressure
 Cools tires in hot environments and extreme conditions to prevent blowouts
 Conditions tires and rims and protects against rust and corrosion
 Lasts for the legal life of the tire