How does Ride-On sealant & Balancer work? 

Ride-On Tire Protection is a unique sealant and balancing gel in one formula. While you ride, a protective layer of Ride-On - a tire balancer and sealant containing fibers six times stronger than steel – evenly coats the inner surface of your tires. This coating balances your tires and makes them into self-sealing tires for life.

Safety First 

With Ride-On Tire Protection your tire literally fixes itself! If your tire is punctured, the centrifugal force of the rotating tire and the internal air pressure force Ride-On into the hole, sealing it virtually instantly. Since it helps eliminate porosity leaks that cause tires to deflate over time, your tires stay properly inflated, last longer, the vehicle handles better and gets more miles per gallon.

If the puncturing object remains in the tire, it is vital to remove it as soon as possible to prevent further injury to the tire or tube. While Ride-On ensures a permanent seal, our company takes the position that any repair to a tire should be treated as temporary and inspected by a certified professional.  


With one installation of Ride-On, lead weights become a thing of the past. While Ride-On works in conjunction with traditional weights, you won’t need them anymore. Ride-On is specially formulated to hydrodynamically balance high-speed tires and dampen road noise and vibrations that cause a rough ride. The great thing is Ride-On will continue to adjust and literally rebalance your tires as you ride for the legal life of the tires. So go ahead, pop off those wheel weights, shine your wheels, and enjoy the smoothest ride you have ever experienced! 

Works in Tubes and Tubeless Tires

Ride-On will eliminate 85-95% of your flats in tubeless tires that penetrate the contact area of your tire, caused by objects ranging from 3 to 20 mm (1/8" to 4/5") depending on the formula. It works in tube tires as well, but because they are more fragile and likely to tear when punctured the effectiveness is about 55-65%.

Due to a tire’s inner curvature, Ride-On will not seal sidewall damage, or damage near the shoulder of the tire. If a tire has a cut, impact break, bruise, bulge, snag, or sidewall damage, take the tire out of service and have it inspected by a professional tire care specialist. For more information, view the Coverage area page ›


Will Ride-On harm my wheels, tires or TPMS sensors? 

Ride-On is a Green biodegradable product that is designed to be non-hazardous and non-flammable, and contains corrosion inhibitors that protect all alloys of steel, aluminum, magnesium, and yellow metals against oxidation. Ride-On is TPMS friendly but is not recommended if your sensors are not sealed. Always be sure to check this with your dealer.