Increase your safety, comfort and savings with Ride-On Auto

Ride-On for cars, vans, trailers and SUV's

Prevent flat tires and improve driveability with Ride-On: a revolutionary tire sealant that balances tires and turns them into self-sealing tires. A combination of fibers - including aramid fibers, six times stronger than steel - automatically seal punctures in the tire tread up to 6,4 millimeters (1/4") in diameter. The environmentally friendly high-tech gel creates a self-sealing layer inside the tire at the crown area. This layer will help cool, seal and balance tires and stays active for years - the entire legal life of the tire. The Ride-On Auto Formula is effective at speeds up to 250 kph (155mph).

A vehicle equipped with Ride-On is likely to benefit from better handling, better fuel economy, longer lasting tires, and most importantly, a safer ride. This flat tire prevention sealant will let you benefit from:

  • Protection and safety: the puncture sealing formula prevents flat tires
  • Comfort: tires are balanced continuously for a smooth ride
  • Sustainability: Ride-On reduces tire wear and fuel consumption

The Ride-On Auto formula was specially developed for passenger cars, SUV’s, light trucks and vans. The gel coats the tire tread on the inside of the tire and doesn’t dry up, but stays liquid and active. The formula contains corrosion inhibitors that help prevent rust on tires and rims. It also stays where it belongs, inside the tire and on the tire tread, so no mess in the garage! 

Why Ride-On tire sealant and balancer?

 Helps prevent flat tires, blowouts and dangerous situations
Possible fuel savings up to 3% or more
Longer tire life up to 25% or more
Safe and comfortable driving
 Complementary to traditional balancing methods
Safe for the environment and tires and rims

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Save fuel and increase tire life with Ride-On

Reduce fuel consumption, increase the life of tires



Ride-On helps tires maintain their set-point pressure much longer and balance them. This offers interesting benefits:  

Reduce fuel consumption

A well-inflated tire has optimal roadholding and rolling resistance. As the tire deflates over time, the resistance increases. This causes the car to have to work harder to move and consume more fuel. 

Ride-On helps to keep tire pressure constant and balance tires, to ensure that you always drive with optimal rolling resistance and fuel economy. 

Extend tire life

An underinflated tire will wear faster than a well-inflated one. By keeping the tire pressure right, you can prevent this extra wear and tear.  

Moreover, Ride-On cools tires, keeping them in optimal condition. Your tires will likely last much longer, 25% on average!


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To balance or not to balance … that’s the question!

We recommend that if you are installing Ride-On into new tires, you first dynamically balance them on a balancer BEFORE you install the Ride-On sealant into the tires. While the tire is on the balancer and spinning take a close look at the tire. Look for tires that have excessive run-out, or that are out of round (elliptical). Ride-On does NOT recommend installing our sealants in tires that have structural problems or defects. Using a sealant might accentuate the ride and handling problems inherent with defective tires.