The Secret of Ride-On

Ride-On is a very unique product. Its defining features are sealing and balancing. 

There are many different sealants available. But none is exactly like Ride-On. 

  1. It is a gel
    Enriched with a combination of fibers, including special aramid fibers, and rubber particles. The gel itself stays liquid and active for the entire legal life of the tire. Ride-On does not contain glue, latex or hardening ingredients. When a puncture occurs, the rubber particles and fibers are pushed towards the puncture by the centrifugal forces inside the tire. They help ensure a permanent seal, within seconds and without noticeable pressure loss. Sealing the tire tread has another benefit: it reduces the porosity of the tire, helping it maintain its set-point pressure much longer.
  2. Ride-On has balancing qualities
    Because Ride-On is gel-based, it has the ability to hydrodynamically balance the tire/rim combination. Though you may experience some slight vibrations right after application, the gel will distribute evenly over the tire tread. It will find irregularities in the tire and fix them, for a smooth ride. It works similarly to balancing powder or beads, with the added benefit of a sealant. Ride-On is compatible for use with balancing weights, but you won't need them anymore! Even at high speeds, you'll always enjoy a smooth ride.


Both these qualities combined make for Ride-On's incomparable possible benefits: 

        • Reduced rolling resistance, resulting in a better fuel mileage and longer tire life
        • Lower operating temperatures, helping the tire last longer and reducing the risk for a blowout
        • Less breakdowns caused by tire failure
        • More safety on the road thanks to the prevention of flats and blowouts
        • Better drivability thanks to a perfect balance and rolling resistance
        • Reduced tire wear and fuel consumption also means less CO2 and rubber particle matter emissions


Better for your vehicle, better for your wallet, better for the environment!

Each vehicle its own formula

At Ride-On, we understand that every type of vehicle has different qualities and needs. That's why we've developed a broad range of products, specially formulated to cater to the tire type and size, operating conditions and speed of the vehicle. From bicycle to moped, car to truck and tractor to bulldozer, Ride-On will help prevent flats, increase tire life and reduce fuel consumption. 

To learn more about the history of Ride-On, view our origins. 

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