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I have a 2011 Road king police issue that I purchased with under 7,000 miles and the original tires on the bike. I put the ride-on in the tires after the weights fell off the front tire. I now have 35,041 miles on these tires. I can only contribute this long of tire wear lasting for these many miles due to having ride-on in the tires. I have also put ride-on in the tires of my 2013 roadking. I have told countless other riders about ride-on and they reports they will use ride-on since I have gotten so many miles on my tires. There's still tread and the road bars are still covered up. But I think I should replace tires. And will do so as soon as I can get the money. This disabled vet thanks you for such good products.
Charles T. - Rainier, OR 08-10-15

Last year when I rode my Buell Fire Bolt Xb12r across AMERICA I put your product in a set of new tires Michelin pilot 4 was so amazed in Nebraska I got some metal in the rear tire pull it out when I got fuel I honestly thought I would have to purchase a new back tire for this was a piece of strapping material used to strap down loads on semis when I pulled it out all I heard was a small hiss and a little bit of pink came out was so AMAZED finished my trip with no problems .Now we are doing the Hot Rod Power Tour in a 1985 Dodge Shelby Charger With 11.117 original miles and I will not mount the new tires until I have my right on tire sealant in fact all of my vehicles have right on and I will never go on a trip anywhere without their products look me up online Google in Bob Quick's journey we are going to use Ride-On on our next bicycle ride across America like us on Facebook THANK YOU ALL FOR A SUPER PRODUCT,
Bob Quicks Journey


I was surprised when my 2011 Victory Vegas Jackpot needed a new set of Dunlop Elite tires at 7,900 miles. I ride solo and easy, mostly cruising on the highway at 60 mph. When I took it in to my local Victory dealer for new tires, I asked the service manager about an alternative to balancing with wheel weights. He recommended Ride-On because it not only seals punctures but balances the tires as you ride and he uses it on his personal motorcycles.

I went ahead with his recommendation and could not be more pleased with the results! When I picked the bike up and rode it home, something was very different. Even though the big 106 c.i. V-twin Victory engine has internal balancers...suddenly it was noticeably smoother as I rode...I was amazed and grinning from ear to ear! The next morning, I went for a ride expecting the sealant to settle overnight and I'd feel the vibrations until the tires warmed up. However, again I was amazed...it was as smooth and "clean" feeling as when I rode it home from the dealership the day before. Amazing!

I now have 12,000 miles on the second set of tires and they're not close to the wear bars yet suggesting I may get twice the mileage using Ride-On that I did with the first set of identical tires using the unsightly wheel weights.

Also, it gives me great piece of mind to know that should I get a puncture, I can follow the Ride-On instructions and get to either a repair shop or home rather than waiting for a tow truck.

Ride-On is a great product and I recommend it to everyone I can...this coming from a guy who has owned 17 motorcycles since 1967 and has ridden over 200,000 miles on them including cross country trips coast to coast.

Mission Viejo, CA

Dana Franklin Welch


" I had ridden with your product for a few sets of tires, but the last set I had them installed somewhere else and forgot to add it myself. A few thousand miles into the new tires I hit a small nail that I removed and plugged myself. The leak (at least 3lbs/day) did not stop with the plug. i decided to try ride-on again before replacing the tire, and I couldn't be more pleased. Nearly 1k miles later and I haven't lost a single pound of air! Great stuff."

Robert Wahl

 Riverside, CA ,  09-04-2013




Dear Ride-On

Other than a biker having had a blow out, we had no problems, thanks to Ride-On Tire Sealant donating your products to the 2013's 12th Annual Florida/Alaska run to benefit deaf babies. I love the peace of mind with your product . . .  after over 8,000 miles, I checked my tire pressure and all three tires ( I have a sidecar) were still the same!

Mike Tuccelli (AKA "DrSign")


"Ride On is a great product! I've never had a flat while using it and the ride at 185mph on my Hayabusa is as smooth as a peeled egg with the tires balanced using Ride On!"



"I've raced 3 Baja 500's, pre ran hundreds of miles down there and I've used Ride On every time. I've never had a flat!! Good stuff!!

James Patrick Williams

ride on sealant
I would like to thank you for creating such a great product. Havent yet had to check out how sealant works (thank god) but bike rides great and mileage is awesome.THANK YOU again

I was taking a real gamble leaving the already installed Centramatic Goldwing Wheel Balancers on the front wheel and adding Ride-On to the tire when it was replaced. But my concerns were unfounded and your product works quite well in a tire that has Centramatic Goldwing Wheel Balancers already installed. I was really concerned that together the two would be counter-productive and work against each other. I didn't want to remove the already bolted on Centramatics BUT certainly did want the added safety and sealing benefits given by Ride-On. After 500+ miles this weekend everything works well and is actually a LITTLE smoother ride than just having the Centramatics alone. In closing I just want you and your people to know that Ride-On will work perfectly well with either wheel weights or items like the Centramatic balancers. Good product this Ride-On.

Chuck Zoch

Motorcycle safety product: Review of Ride-On's Tire Protection System
Following some minor damage to the front wheel of my KTM, I’d been having some issues getting it to balance properly. Just as claimed by Ride-On®, their product balanced it again perfectly! I’ve confirmed that balancing claim as being very accurate. After taking the wheel weights off my front rim and using Ride-On, the bike immediately rode as if it were brand new again. Quite a relief to not have to buy a new front rim to fix this issue I’d been having (a major cost avoided!). Easy to install and potentially bringing you multiple benefits, this product might be falling under that “must have” category.

Tire Beads Can't Say That
You know that your MTA REP is big in testing out products so you get first hand experience with new products. Well after testing the RIDE-ON ATV and Motorcycle formula TIRE BALANCERS AND SEALANTS, I AM IMPRESSED!!! Better balancing, longer lasting tires, and SAFER RIDING WITH PUNCTURE PROTECTION. Both my road race Can-Am ATV and my Honda VFR 800 street bike have the product in the tires and they are all balanced smooth as well as protected from any puncture. (TIRE BEADS CAN'T SAY THAT)

EagleRider Moves from Traditional Wheel Weight Balancing in Favor of Ride-On TPS High-Speed Balancer and Sealant

At first I was skeptical about the product, however, it saves money and time, and keeps our riders upright and on the road. We go through tires like they’re water, so we are always on the look-out for products that maximize our tires’ efficiency. A quality, well maintained motorcycle is the most important thing EagleRider provides its customers.  In 2010, EagleRider customers rode almost 28 million miles on their bikes.  Incorporating the Ride-On TPS Motorcycle Formula high-speed tire balancer and sealant helps EagleRider mechanics become more efficient when working on bikes while also providing the customer with a better performing motorcycle. The sealant improves the bike’s fuel efficiency, extends tire life, mutes road vibrations, and seals punctures in the tire’s crown area.

Steve Sergi, Director National Corporate Service - EagleRider -02-06-11

I have a Tow-Pac Trike conversion kit on my 1800 CC Suzuki Boulevard. The trike kit is two 12 x 4.80 six ply Buddy wheels . I was having trouble balancing the 12 inch tires. The local Suzuki Dealership asked me to try Ride-On in the 12 inch tires. Within the first 5 miles the shimmy and vibration of the tires had stopped. It is amazing how it balanced the two tires out. I can not wait until I install Ride-On in my front and back motorcycle tires. I would highly recommend Ride-On.
D.D. FOLDS 02-03-11

Made it home OK
64 miles out in the desert, off road on a 500 pound KTM 990, I picked up a 3 inch framing nail dead center in the rear tire. 2 years earlier I installed Ride-On in the tubes. I pulled the nail out and saw a 1/2 second release of air, so I hopped on and rode 30 miles of 55mph mountain road and 34 miles of interstate hwy and finished my ride. With only 1 air fill up 1/2 home before the interstate, Ride-On got me home safe and sound. Thanks Ride-On
Jim 01-18-2011

“On my last motorcycle I had a slow leak in the front tire that caused it to flatten twice over the winter when it was stored. The next spring when I had the bike in for other work I asked the dealer to take the wheel and tire off and place it in a tank of water to find the leak. They were unable to do so, and the tire continued to lose air. I installed Ride-On shortly thereafter and from that point on the tire never leaked again. When I bought my current bike one of the first things I did was to install Ride-On in both tires, just to be safe. Ride-On works for me, thank you.”
T. Young

"Ride-On is the best flat tire protection I've ever used. Recently I got a Phillips screwdriver stuck in the tread of the rear tire on my Harley-Davidson FXDWG. The tire didn't lose a pound of air. I didn't even know I had a puncture until I saw the screwdriver shaft sticking out of the tire! I've been using Ride-On for several years now. I'll be using it as long as it's available. I won't ride without it. Thanks for a great product!  I've got digital photos of the punctured tire, I'll be glad to send them if you like."
Frank Laird

“Ride-On has already saved me once! I'm a repeat customer and I've recommending you guys like crazy to my fellow riders. Definitely a product that works!”
Christine Malazarte

“ I received tubes of Ride-On as part of your sponsorship of the 2008 SKI-HI ride to Alaska. I had Ride-On installed in the two new Metzler 880s I put on my BMW K1200LT. The product works!  I immediately noticed there was no front end vibration and the tires were quiet, and still are after 8,000 miles.  No cupping (as always previously occurred) or uneven wear.  No need to add air during the trip.  Tires have more tread than I ever had after 8,000 miles. Others on trip found punctures which Ride-On sealed.  My riding partner did not use Ride-On and ended up with flat and subsequent blowout, requiring 2 tows and a new tire.  He calls it his $1,000 tire. Thank you for the Ride-On.  It will always be in tires on both of my bikes.
Lee Geronime

“On my 7th annual Florida/Alaska Motorcycle Benefit Run, my tires were at 40 psi when I left home.  At Fairbanks, AK, they were at 39 psi.  One biker who rode with me and did not have Ride-On had his tire pressure drop to 20 psi. Another biker (with Ride-on) in our group had two holes in his tires.  He plugged both holes and 8,000 miles later at the end of the trip, no problem.  One biker who didn't have Ride-On got a nail.  By the time he realized it, the tire was almost flat.  He plugged it.  Two days later, a blowout due to the tire damage.  Cost of towing, new tire in Alaska, mounting was almost a thousand dollars!”
Michael Tuccelli

Puncture - Phil Kirkendall“Just spoke with you yesterday and I feel ride-on saved my life. I never lost control of my bike and as you can see from the picture, I took quite a hit.”
Phil Kirkendall

“I put a new tire on before a 6K mile trip out west. Just before I was to leave, I found a small nail. I removed the nail and the tire leaked air. A friend had an extra bottle of Ride On. We put it in. I checked the air several times during the ride and 6K miles later, no leaks. This stuff works."
Calvin Underwood

"I cannot say enough about your product. I have used it on several motorcycles. I recently returned from a 4,000 mile cross country trip from the Mexican Border to the Canadian Border and back. I had Ride-On in my tires and had no issues. We were on some pretty rough roads. My tire pressure never fluctuated at all. Thanks for the peace of mind. THIS IS GOOD STUFF! I do a lot of riding long distances solo, and have no hesitation taking off on a long cross country trip by myself."
Al Tomlinson

“For the past two years I have personally applied Ride-On to hundreds of MC tubes & tires all at the Texas Adventure Ride in Junction, TX (TAR). This is a meet for off road adventure riders that have one thing in common, the love for a rough ride. I have had riders come up to me after treating their tires w/ Ride-On & tell me how much smoother their bike rides. Others from the first year tell me they still are using the same tubes & have had 4 & 5 tires mounted on their tubes. I have treated tires w/ barb wire & fence staples causing air leaks. All have made it home safely after treatment. This product is easy to use & makes riding any MC safer. I have one rider that changed his tubeless tire & scraped out the Ride-On & put it into his new tire. He said never trash a good thing. I get a lot of feed back over the year between the TAR meets & have never heard any bad news from the users of Ride-On.”
Wolfgang Doughty

I'm having the smoothest ride ever on my 20th Anniversary Honda Goldwing, because of the "self balancing" feature that actually works. Besides the "peace of mind" I have with Ride-On in my tires, I have also made a video to show you how to install it in your motorcycle tires. This is a good product. Thank you Ride-On!”

Dave Sibley

“I've been using your TPS motorcycle formula for 3 years in a Gold Wing Tourer and a Vulcan 2000 cruiser. While traveling over 20,000 miles I haven't experienced even a slow leak; much less a flat. Great product! Your sales staff was friendly, courteous and had answers to all my questions as well. Thanks again!”
Jerry Morgan

“I called your customer service department who were very helpful and actually undersold me! I was ready to buy a more expensive product to deal with leaking tires because my rims had rusted from using another tire sealant. The rep suggested your motorcycle formula to seal the bead-lock area of my rim to the tire.

Before you product I had to fill my brand new tires with air every day! Since using your product, I have not filled my tires once! They are maintaining the correct pressure and working great. Thanks! You guys just saved me hundreds now that I don't have to purchase new rims!!!”
Tim Douglas

“I really like the Ride-On. I've used it for coming on eight years now. I know it works on punctures, which saves all kinds of head-ache on a trip, because I've picked up nails and been able to keep on riding.

I first bought Ride-On because I was planning a big solo trip and was worried about flats. On that trip I picked up a nail. I did my tire check each morning and one morning I'd lost 2 pounds of air. I checked out the tire and found the nail, aired it back up and it kept pressure the rest of the trip (another 1000 miles) with only Ride-On - no patches or plugs. BTW, that was a tubed tire and it sealed the tube - that was pretty impressive and from then on I was convinced that it's good stuff.

I also think it improves tire balance, wear and mileage. The few times when I've put on new tires and not used it (because I didn't have any on hand and didn't get around to ordering it), I've found that the tires wear much less evenly and much more quickly. With the Ride-On, I get about 1/3 more wear out of a tire. That makes the extra $$ per change worth it right there. Plus, b/c Ride-On stays liquid and it works as a dynamic balancer for a smoother ride as well.

Finally, I've had no problems with Ride-On being in any way corrosive (unlike Slime - bad stuff, stay away) and it handles high speeds with no problems (trust me, I've pushed it). It's not even terribly messy when you pull off the tire and washes right out with a quick spray of the hose.

So, I like the stuff 'cause it works for me. “
Raven Spanaway

“I put Ride-On in my brand new tube type Metzler and not two weeks later, I pulled a 2" wood screw out of it...never lost any air that I could measure and 8K later, it's ok. BTW, both the front and back Metz don't really look like they have 8K on them … I suspect I'm going to get good mileage out of these tires and it's probably due to Ride-On!!! ** Thumbs-Up **”
Blain Garver

“RIDE-ON saved me over $300! I put a brand new monster tire on my VTX 1800 this spring and within 50 miles I found a nail sticking out of it!  Needless to say, I didn't want to scrap a new tire if it could be saved...without having to worry that the thing was going to go flat in the middle of nowhere or blow at 100 MPH. The dealer said buy a new one! The tire shop said that a patch or plug would never hold. Several riders on the VTXOA web site suggested RIDE-ON because of the good experience they have had with it. I agree! It is great stuff. I've put on 10,000 miles and it holds air and runs smooth as fast as I can take it.  I've put it in the front as "insurance" because a flat on a long haul road trip sucks!!!”
Ron Smith

“I just filled up my two new Dunlop's with your great product. After traveling 8,500 miles this Spring I was totally impressed. I did wear my rear tire out but it was due to the Alcan Highway and crossing the Yukon. No Tire can hold up to those road conditions. I just sent your "Sale Information" to a bunch of my biker friends. I do hope they are wise enough to load their tires with your product. I ride with more confidence at all speeds using "Ride-On". Thanks for being so prompt in shipping. Uncle Don of Sterling Alaska.”
Don McNeil

“Ride-On Works well so far! It removed a bad vibration in my Vespa's new front tire. The all Kleer is excellent on the windshield (no dried droplets after a rainstorm!) and dust literally blows off the paint.”
Michael Beattie

“Used Ride-On in five bikes for eleven years never been stranded.  Great product!”
Robert David

“Been using ride-on for 5+ years. Never had a flat. Tires last twice as long as average.”
Forrest Phillips

I put it in a rear tire that had a small nail in it at 700 miles. Now the tire has 17,000 miles on it and no problems. The front tire has 23,000 miles on it with it in, more miles than I've ever made, and it is good for a few more thousand.
Marv Schiffler

Last year I went through two brand new tires within a week's time due to a nail in one and a shard of metal in the other. I was NOT happy! So I decided I needed some protection. The Ride-On TPS was SUPER easy to install and really set my mind at ease knowing that if something did puncture my tire, I was covered. I have since replaced my tires and there was no mess at all! (and luckily no foreign objects). Although I I haven't really "tested" the sealing capability of the product, I ride a lot more confidently knowing that my tires are safe. I also experienced a smoother ride, increased stability, and longer tread life with this product. Without a doubt worth every penny! Thanks Ride-On!
David Cocker

"I use your sealant for my wife's Toyota sedan, for my old Nissan Pathfinder and for my Harley. When my wife had her wheels rebalanced and the outcome was awful, you explained the hydrodynamic balancing qualities of your sealant and advised removal of the balancing weights; I did so and the wheels are so balanced!  Recently, I also had my SUV's wheel weights removed and its wheels too, are now wonderfully balanced!"
H.J. Whitaker

“I did a "scientific" experiment … new tires put on my Swing a few thousand miles ago ... vibration at higher speed so bad that my GPS was unreadable due to shake. I installed 5 ounces Ride-On Tire Sealant in front and 8 ounces in back tire. Vibration gone. Silk smooth ride. No shaking of GPS mount. I've been using Ride-On Tire Sealant for some time now.  In fact, on their website, you can probably find a picture of my front tire from Silver Wing with 30,000 miles on it and you will be amazed at the tread left on the tire. Just wanted to let you know their advertising that it will "balance" your tire apparently is valid.”
Mike Tuccelli

Getting my V Strom (DL650) ready for a 14,000 mile Alaska trip this summer I mounted a set of Tourance tires and changed the sprockets and chain to aftermarket products. The bike is amazingly smoother now, but there was just a bit of vibration that felt like "cupped" tires. Knowing the tires were brand new, they couldn't be cupped. I mounted and balanced them myself, so I knew they were as good as I could get in that department. The vibration I'm talking about was far from a deal breaker. My BMW R1100RS vibrated far greater, but if I could get rid of it, it would make the ride that much better. I had read reviews about a product called "Ride On" which had high praise for the product. It is claimed to stop leaks in tubeless tires up to a 1/4". But an added by-product is it dynamically balances tires also. I'm here to tell you on my bike it did just that! The slight vibration I was experiencing is totally gone! the bike is now like on a cloud. I'm amazed how smooth a V Twin can be made to run. Now all I need is a board with a nail sticking out of it to see how well is seals a leak ...
Roy B


Baja Bike Honda XR650ENSENADA, Mexico June 8, 2006 – Before nearly 200,000 race fans, the Brett Helm/Chris Steward team rode to a 3rd place finish in Class 40 at the Tecate SCORE Baja 500, with a time of 11:04:18 on a Honda XR650R treated with the Ride-On Tire Protection System (TPS) motorcycle tire sealant.

Chris Steward reported that they had no tire failures during the course of the race and no rider "get offs." Steward was upset that Ricky Johnson was shorted on fuel out of Checkpoint 3 and had to actually push the bike into the next checkpoint, a misfortune which “probably cost us a higher place on the podium.” Steward raves about the performance of Ride-On. “I had one of my associates ride my KLR 650 to Ensenada for the race, and he was blown away at the new-found stability” that Ride-On provides. Steward has Ride-On in all of his motorcycles and support vehicles. Steward goes on further: “I'll give you the straight up on this product […] we have 16 bikes rolling in Baja, 3 trucks and vans, and 3 trailers [and it] looks good so far!”

Chris Steward - Trail Boss Tours - San Diego, CA (06/08/06)

Chris Steward

“I took a trip to Prudhoe Bay AK on my 1999 Tiger in 2004; rode a total of 12K miles. When I got home and changed the rear tire I found several small pieces of rock stuck in the tire. They went all the way through and where they contacted the tube you could see small sealed spots. I never noticed any air loss and your product probably saved me a lot of trouble in the middle of nowhere.”
Christopher Seddon


"A few weeks ago I changed the tires on my Honda VTX1800. As I have for so many years, I again put your product in my tires. Before using your product, I used to get front wheel cupping, and constant buzzing in the handle bars. All these problems have been eliminated ever since the day I started using your {Ride-On TPS} sealer. Also I noticed my useable tire life was extended approximately 3k miles. That equals a free set of tires every 4 to 5 replacements - a savings of $200 to $400 for a pair of good tires. I have never seen a BIT of rim damage from your sealer when changing my tires. When returning from Key West to Orlando FL at 2 AM, I ran over a small piece of plywood on interstate I-95. Just as I drove over the board in the dark I saw nails reflect off my head light. I pulled to a stop to find that one of the nails went into, and back out of both my front and rear tires. In the middle of a dark night In the middle of no where, I said to myself, well let's see if your {Ride-On TPS] sealer is really going to work as promised. I got back on my VTX1800 and drove at about 40 MPH for a few miles. Got off and checked the tire pressure, I still had 40 lbs in both tires. I took [my bike} up to 65 mph and rechecked in about 20 more miles. Still at 40 lbs each. I got home 150 miles later still at 40 lbs. Relieved and so thankful that your GREAT product saved me from two flats and all the misery that would have come from being stuck on the side of a very dark road, at a bad time of night. I know this has been a long comment, but I KNOW my security, and maybe even my life may have been in jeopardy if I had been stranded out there at that late hour. Thanks again for such a great product."

Jim Lampa


" Withing a few days of the publication of our September issue featuring our article, "Tire Selants - What You Should Know", we received a phone call from Mark Farkhan, the president of Inovex Industries, maker of the Ride-On Tire Protection System."

"Tire Sealant Company Responds"
- Another Point of View - Wing World, November 2004"

Tire Sealant Company

“Was riding @ 70mph and to my bad luck I ran over a 3/8" pointed self threading bolt and heard it puncture the tire (rear) and then heard air leakage for what seemed 3 or 4 revs. most likely more, then it sealed up but knew I had a major problem because of noise. By now I was down to about 20mph and was using only front brake. Came to complete stop and checked out as yet unknown problem. Seen this large bolt for this 180/70 R 16 tire imbedded somewhat at an angle and was surprised it was holding. Rode another 10 miles at about 30mph home. I'm sold on ride-on. Ordered this again plus a new tire. thank you, who knows what could have happened without ride-on in tire!”
John Gellhaus


“I have been riding motorcycles for 47 years and this product has lived up to all my expectations. Improved tire wear has been awesome and coupled with having to check the air less often makes this product hit the top of the charts! Great job Ride On!”

William J. Novak

“Recently hit a board with a nail that punctured both tires. My friend had 2 bottles of Ride-on that we put in the tires. Both tires hold air so well that I don't seem to have even the daily/weekly seepy leak that most tires have. I'm sold.”
Joseph C. Freeland

Motorcross“A friend used Ride-On after reading about in Rider Magazine and had good results. I got a nail in a new rear tire on my Honda 1800 and he gave me a tube to try. It has worked great for me in the last 2000 miles. I'm 'sold' on Ride-On. I plan to put it in my front tire to see if it fixes my 'wobble'. I am ordering cases of your product for motorcycles and SUV's.”
Marvin Schiffler

“I discovered Ride-on, though an ad in a magazine, after experiencing a high speed flat on my cruiser. After 3 years of using this product I have found nails & screws in my Yamaha VMax tires ONLY when they were replaced for new ones. Amazing product that works far beyond anything imaginable.”
Mark E. Phillips


“Ride-On is a great confidence builder on long trips through desolate territory. Adds a new dimension of riding quality and smoothness."

Todd B. VanSlyke

“Have used before. My tires used to lose a couple of lbs. a week of air pressure now maybe a half a lb. a month. I put it in most of my friends bike who I ride with me because I don't want their flats to ruin my ride. Thanks.”
Robert Zarick

“Used by many members of the North Alabama Road Riders. Have had several members pick up nails, screws and one even had a new tire to unseal from rim and ride- on resealed the bead. This is a great product!”
Rodger McClure

Kawasaki"On 6-12-04 (my birthday) our club was taking a ride from East Texas to Arkansas. I was cleaning my bike the Friday night before and found a #8 finish nail in the rear tire. I was very disgusted because I had been looking forward to this trip for a while. I went to bed aggravated and after lying there for a few minutes I remembered that I had the Ride-On in the tires. I went back out in the garage and pulled the nail out, rolled the bike back until the nail hole was on the bottom and aired it up, then went to bed. To my surprise it was holding air in the morning. I reluctantly went on the ride on Saturday. I told everyone in the club that I might not be able to hang with them all day. We made a couple of stops at about 50 miles each to see if it was holding air and it was and still is today 14 months later. Tonight I've just ordered two new tires and tubes for my Roady and some more Ride-On. To be totally honest I've added air to the tire probably 6 times and probably 2 or 3 times to the front tire that has no nail holes. But, I haven't had to pull the tire off and patch the tube and I didn't have to miss a good ride. I wouldn't recommend doing what I did. I'm a curious guy and I just had to know how long it would last. 6,000 miles to be exact.."
William Smith

"I like the way it kept my tires from Scalping. The front tire on my Goldwing was just starting to scalp at 10K miles when I added my first bottle. It stopped the scalp and kept the tire smooth for the next 5K miles when I changed it."
Ronald Render


"I had ride on in both tires and at 80+ the bike was smother and felt more stable seemed to smooth out the low speed handling too. As a SEALANT there is nothing better that I can think of. Damn near shredded a rear tire last week hitting a coke bottle. I had multiple punctures and the tire was down to about 20 Lbs. Just rode on to nearest air pump about 20 miles added 41 to rear then rode 60 miles more at about 50 mph. I had been doing a solo Nevada desert loop and was out of cell phone range ... Damn stuff WORKS! Tire since replaced, had a slow leak about 5 lbs a day."


“I have been using Ride-On in my bike tires for about 2 years. Last Sunday I had an occasion to need it. I picked up a nail in the rear tire where the tread turns into sidewall. I heard it hitting the fender but did not lose pressure. I stopped and pulled out the nail. The tire at first was losing air so I rolled the bike to where the hole was now down. Air loss stopped. I then rode to a gas station and topped off the tire to riding pressure and rode home for about 30 miles. When I got home the tire was down to 10 pounds but I did get there. This stuff is really amazing and I won't be riding again without it. Thanks.”
Steve Standefer

Hyder AK“I put in Ride-On in my tires last summer and drove 14,000 miles in 24 days, including extremely rough gravel roads to Arctic Circle. After 30,000 miles, my IRC front tire still had a lot of tread left on it. In fact, I took a photo in case anyone wants to challenge the fact your product does increase tire life!"
Dr. Michael Tuccelli


"This is my second order and at this time I am very pleased. I didn't experience any punctures but did notice improved handling and better tire wear."

Robert E. Conti


"Ride-On got me home safe today, through 65 miles of traffic, with a two inch nail in the rear tire of my Nighthawk 750. The tire did not lose any air pressure. Thank you for a superb product!"

Joel McClain

" I just put it in my tires.135 [m.p.h.] no sweat!  Thanks for a great product.  It also changed my mind about changing my headset bearings.I used to have a shimmy upon deceleration, not any more! "
James Lawler


"Peace of mind - great product. New Bike .... new [Ride-On] order."

Rich Labatut

" So far, so good. Last set of tires had no problems with your product and/or corrosion. No complaints from the dealer as well when they changes the tires! :-) New tires on bike and now the Jeep will be "loaded up" with your product. "
Mark Patton

"I just changed my old set of tires for a new set. The dealership was concerned when I told them I had Ride-On in my tires. They were only familiar with Slime type products. They were amazed and pleased to find that this product did not make a mess during the tire change process. The rim only required a wipe down to be ready for the new tires. Fortunately, I have not had occasion to need a puncture plugged, but the peace of mind that I have knowing that Ride-On is in my motorcycle tires is worth the price!!"
Kenneth Thompson

"It works ..... just plain works ......."
James Peoples

Bartel's Picture"After having a flat tire 80 miles from nowhere (what a pain that was) I went on a search for a cure. I found this tire sealant made for motorcycles. I've been using it now for about 30K miles (3 rear tires) and each time I change one I find screws, nails etc. stuck in them. But, each time it didn't go flat. In fact, I never know they were there until I changed the tire. So, I'm sold. I think this is the stuff those Whacky Iron Butt Riders use too."

" I've had Ride-On in both Silverwing tires for twenty-six months. It really protects against flats by immediately sealing the inside of the tire. I'm having both tires replaced tomorrow prior to leaving for the Coot-Tours rally in Arkansas and I'll have it in both tires before going east. I do not work or sell or get a commission for mentioning this. I just think it's an excellent product to protect against a tire mishap and I highly recommend it."
Alan Jeffory

"Buck, I have been using this stuff since My bike was new. Rockville HD was one of two dealers in the country testing this product. I had a nail in my rear tire and didn't find it till the tire was looking a little low in my garage at home. This stuff works."
Andrew Curtis


"I've been using ride-on for a while now and found 1) no handling problems at any speed (even in triple digits) and, 2) my tire life on a Bridgestone B020 went from 3500 mi. to 5000 mi. THANKS"

Robert Fedyski


"I've replaced 2 tires on my Harley to find roofing screws in both of them. But I never knew it because they never leaked!. It's good having it because I ride about 25,000 miles per year. Thanks for a great product."

Terry Kleeblatt

"I have been using your product in the last 5 sets of tires on my bike. I know of 2 rear tires and 1 front tire that were punctured with no loss of air. Without a question, anyone who has a motorcycle should use this product. I used to work for a motorcycle dealer and we tried the green stuff - we all hated it, but your product works great! (and that's an understatement)."
Timothy Trammell

"This is mighty good stuff, folks. I just installed Ride-On TPS in the tires of my '03 Ultra -- replacements from last year -- and the difference in ride quality is quite astounding. The tires seem better balanced and they sound like they're running a bit quieter, too. Your product was easy to install (except you need to provide a longer injection tube -- I bought a foot of clear tubing and it made the job a lot easier on an Ultra) and seemed to go to work right away. Good going."
Todd VanSlyke

“I probably did what I'm not supposed to do with a motorcycle, but it worked out OK! I picked up a nail on a long ride back from Georgia to Maryland. After limping home stopping every so often to refill the tire, I got home and just couldn't give up the tires because of the amount of tread remaining. I tried putting your tire sealant in first and couldn't get it to take hold on the puncture fast enough to hold. Therefore, I pulled out my trusty plug kit from my pickup and proceeded to plug the tire. With the plug and the TPS sealant I managed to get another year and about 7,000 miles out of the tires! This stuff is really great! It helps make my Valkyrie Interstate smooth as a baby's butt! Thanks for a great product!”
James B Gooding

"I used Ride-On in my Bridgestone factory tires on my Triumph Bonneville America. Bridgestone tires aren't that great and everyone I know gets about 6000 miles out of them. I don't know if having Ride-On in my tires made the difference or not but I got almost 11,000 out of my tires. Yes, I do check my pressure every time I ride and make sure it is right. They are finally shot and replaced with Avon tires. That's why I am now reordering for my new tires. Just the peace of mind of knowing it will fix the small leaks you may get is worth it to me. Thanks and Ride Safe"
Albert Lindhorst

“I have noticed increased ease of handling due to better tire balance especially at high speed curves..”
Steve Dixon

“Used product many times. Its great!”
James Thurman

“No puncture experience as yet, but an immediate improvement of stability, balance and handling, probably enhanced by the 21-inch front tire on my bike with the sealant in it. The best investment I have made since purchasing the motorcycle. I'll never ride without Ride-On TPS in my tires.”
Terry Blackmon

"I don't know if it prevented any flats, but I got 26,000 miles out of a motorcycle tire that usually only lasts about 14,000. I'm not going to argue with success."
Forrest Phillips

“This is my second order. I just replaced the Bridgestone BT56 tires on my Triumph. I got 7,000 miles out of them including about 2,000 miles of spirited mountain riding. Excellent product.”
Alice Beaty


“This stuff is very good and save you a lot of grief and headaches”

Weah Roberts

"I've replaced 2 tires on my Harley to find roofing screws in both of them. But I never knew it because they never leaked!. It's good having it because I ride about 25,000 miles per year. Thanks for a great product."
Terry Kleeblatt

"Everyone should be using this product. My tires appear to loose about 50% less air just sitting around compared to my tires without the sealant. Also, the tires stay balanced with no "balling-up" of the fluid. My tire mileage appears to be excellent also. I have been telling everyone I see on the road what a great product you have. Thanks for providing peace of mind when I'm out on the road."
Steve McCandless

“Continues to work great! Last year was the first year that I didn't have to change tires on my BMW K1200LT. I have about 14,000 miles on Bridgestone's BattleAx BT020 and still counting with a trip planned to Daytona from MI in a couple of weeks. I'm ordering now because I don't think I can go another year on these tires, or can I?”
Kamal Nuriddin

"Ride-On has proven to be among the best safety products I have ever used on my motorcycles. In my opinion, Ride-On is the best flat prevention product on the market."

Tommy All

"Unlike aerosol roadside repairs and even slime, the popular sealant favored by bicyclists and off-road riders, Ride-On's chemicals do not adversely effect aluminum rims. This is worth considering. Over 5,000 miles and a variety of driving conditions, I found no discernible effect - positive or negative - upon wheel balance or any other area of performance .... just a giant gain in a tires' ability to hold air in the presence of sharp metal objects."

Larry Grodsky, Contributing Editor – Rider Magazine
Larry Grodsky

"I personally tested the product in my 1995 Triumph Speed Triple for more than 5,000 miles and noticed no adverse handling effects even at high speeds. After more than two years of installing your product, we have found no problems with corrosion in any steel, aluminum or alloy wheels. Based on our experience, I would not hesitate to recommend Ride-On TPS to any dealer that is looking to add a great profit center to their parts and service departments, while at the same time offering a safety product of value for their customers."

Y.T Lechner

"I personally tested the product in my 1995 Triumph Speed Triple for more than 5,000 miles and noticed no adverse handling effects even at high speeds. After more than two years of installing your product, we have found no problems with corrosion in any steel, aluminum or alloy wheels. Based on our experience, I would not hesitate to recommend Ride-On TPS to any dealer that is looking to add a great profit center to their parts and service departments, while at the same time offering a safety product of value for their customers."

Y.T Lechner

"The testing of Ride-On TPS confirmed all the claims advertised by your company. We noted no difference in the ride characteristics of the bikes treated with Ride-On versus the bikes that were left untreated. We punctured a 98 Police Road King twice. Ride-On was capable of instantly sealing the puncture with no measurable air loss. Based the results, we will recommend Ride-On TPS to all of our customers. I will also discuss our results with Harley Davidson USA."

Glenn Bartels

“I was racing in extremely thorny terrain and after completing the event it was time to change to new tires. After examining the tube I noticed small dots of Ride-On all over it. So I cut the tube in half and was totally amazed to find over twenty thorns inside it. Not only had the tire been severely punctured the incredible performance of this product had enabled me to continue racing without the slightest hint of tire failure. Ride-On TPS is a must for anyone who is aware of the potential dangers that tire failures can cause.”

Rob Klugman

“After extensive testing and evaluation, I believe adding "Ride-On" to our product will enhance the safety and value of our product. We have several thousand miles on many different machines to include deliberate punctures that see no failure to date. Our wheel department endorses the product, and will be able to incorporate it into production with minimal labor.”

Norbert F. Richter

“Mark, just wanted to let you know I am a big fan of your product. Got a 2 inch slash in the tread of my Ventures tire from a road side mower blade in Meridian Mississippi on the way home from Star Days. Although the Ride-on did not 100% seal the cut, and I did not expect it to seal something that big, it did allow the tire to hold air pressure overnight and let me ride a couple miles to the nearest bike dealer the next morning. Saved a tow. I've got it in all 3 bikes and after this experience it is going in the car tires also.”
Kent Ailes

“Great stuff, saved me by letting the front tire go down easy from 85 mph.”
Gary Williams

"As far as sealer/balancers go, I can only recommend Ride-On . All others I'd tried caused really uncomfortable handling at speed. This ride-on also managed to get me 5,000 mi. out of a rear Bridgestone B020 (before using it i got only 3,500 out of the same. They claim extended tore life is 'cause they run cooler w/ the additive. It's a bit more costly than the slime, but w/out the downsides.Usually i ride 20,000+ mi./year so tire wear is important, as is the quality of protection. RIDE SAFE"