Testimonials - Tire Dealers

" We thoroughly reviewed Ride-On TPS, and had our retread manager also review your product for compatibility with our Bandag retread process. We are now recommending Ride-On TPS to all of our commercial and wholesale accounts. "

Larry Bell, Vice President of Commercial Sales - Parrish Tire 

Larry Bell

" We proudly endorse the Ride-On Tire Protection System! Many of our commercial, municipal and State customers are using this product and have found it to reduce vehicle down-time from flat tires, and as a regular part of their pressure maintenance program. "/p>

Jim Hammond, Vice President of Sales & Marketing - Donald B Rice Tire Co. 

Jim Hammond

" Having sold and installed the Ride-On products for about 9 months, great results have been achieved. Not only with mowing equipment, but also with tractors, backhoes, trash trucks, bobcats, and many other types of equipment. "

Richard W. Daugherty, General Manager - Alban Tire Corp 

Richard W. Daugherty

" Ride-On has been proven in many of our commercial fleet customers to have reduced down time from flat tires as well as maintaining casing integrity."

Douglas Portner, Vice President of Sales - Friend's Tire & Fleet Service (owned by McCarthy Tire) 

Douglas Portner

" We have introduced Ride-On to many of our commercial, and municipal clients with great success. Our customers are using Ride-On in new and retreaded tires with great success. We now recommend Ride-on to our customers as a standard part of their tire maintenance program. "

Pat Driscoll, Vice President & General Manager - Capital Tire & Fleet Service (Now at Merchant's Tire)