Michelin X One

The Michelin X One tire has quickly become the leading model available for super single tires, providing drivers of heavy load-bearing vehicles with a reliable alternative to dual tire systems. These wide-base tires require less maintenance, improve fuel economy, and allow for more uniform tread wear. However, since Michelin X One tires are so wide, they have more surface contact with the ground, increasing chances for tire blowouts from debris or objects on the road. This is where Ride-On tire sealant comes into the picture. A specially formulated gel-like compound, Ride-On tire sealant is able to permanently seal punctures upon their occurrence, allowing drivers to keep driving without risking injury or accident. Furthermore, Ride-On tire sealant for Michelin X One tires prevents small air leaks that lower the tire’s pressure over time.

With Ride-On tire sealant, drivers and truckers who have Michelin X One tires are able to significantly increase the life of their tires, thereby lowering their expenses as well as their carbon footprint. In addition to being non-flammable, Ride-on tire sealant is biodegradable, water dispersible, and scientifically proven for its remarkable capabilities