Tire Sealant

Tire Sealant

Ride-On Tire Protection System (TPS) is the result of years of research and testing in real-life scenarios involving controlled punctures from everything from nails to bullets. The resounding benefit of Ride-On tire sealant over other tire sealant brands is that Ride-On allows a punctured tire to keep functioning as if nothing had happened, for the life of the tire. This is in sharp contrast to other tire sealants that merely allow for a tire to maintain air pressure for a given amount of miles, in order to let the driver reach a nearby repair shop to buy a new tire. The patented compound that makes so unique is able to immediately fill in a puncture as soon as it happens.

This is because Ride-On works hand in hand with the internal air pressure of the tire to fill and seal punctures up to 1/4 “ in diameter. Ride-On’s other benefit is that it prevents trace amounts of air from leaking out of the tire, preventing the need for routine air pressure gauging. In all, the innovative effectiveness of Ride-On tire sealant in relieving punctures and maintaining constant air pressure increases the lifespan of treated tires by as much as 25%. This means less money out of motorists’ pockets and less tires filling up the country’s landfills.

Ride-On represents a highly effective, eco-friendly solution to flat tires. This patented tire sealant product, created by the innovative minds at Inovex Industries, Inc., offers a unique solution to flat tire problems by sealing the puncture hole immediately as it occurs.

The Ride-On tire sealant has many advantages over other flat tire solutions. Some of them are:

  • The tire sealant from Ride-on has a patented compound that helps seal the puncture holes by working with the wheel’s own centrifugal force to immediately seal the breach. 
  • The patented compound helps prevent air loss from the sealed tire and maintains the air pressure, reducing the frequency of necessary air checkups.
  • Ride-On increases the life of tires by 25%. This means less tires piling up in landfills, and a greener environment for us all! 
  • This superior tire sealant does not contain hazardous chemicals, and does not internally react with the tires and rims. It also can be recycled and is 100 percent biodegradable. 
  • Ride-On comes in nine different formulations, which are manufactured for a wide range of vehicles. With on-road and off-road applications, Ride-On is perfectly suited for cars, SUVs, trucks, ATVS, motorcycles, tractors, and much more. 
  • The fibers present in the Ride-On tire sealant system are six times stronger than steel, an achievement unmatched by Ride-On’s competitors. 


Tire sealant

Ride-On is a revolutionary tire sealant and tire balancer in one. Comprised of fibers six times stronger than steel, our patented tyre sealant product (which comes in 9 different formulas, for cars, motorcycles, commercial trucks, ATVs, and much more) is unmatched in reliability and consistency. Ride-On TPS

Here is how our breakthrough tire sealant works: first, you can easily install it via the tire’s valve system. Then you just have to start driving, and the centrifugal force of the spinning tires evenly spreads the gel-like substance over the tires. When the car is in motion and you experience a puncture of up to 1/4 inch in diameter, that same centrifugal force sends the tyre sealant rushing into the breach, sealing the hole immediately. 

Our unique tire sealant does much more than protect from sudden punctures, however. This product is the only proven tire balancer at high speeds. By retaining air pressure, it also increases fuel efficiency (inflated tires experience less friction). Last but not least, when you use Ride-On’s innovative tyre sealant, your tires will last 25% longer, a boon to your pocketbook as well as the environment.